Tiger slept with Octomom & had Gary Coleman

So everybody’s favorite ashy black Keebler elf got arrested again, for domestic violence. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard for me to even imagine him even thinking about raising his hands on a woman with his little ass. If anything, as far as domestic violence if concerned I can see him getting kicked around the rooms of his home by his wife. Have you seen her? Yeah, she’s like the white female version of Manute Bol but not as cute. Uh-huh, and I can see her throwing Ashy Gary around like an over-used jizz rag. But him beating her up? Oh well, I guess when “The Gooch” kicked your ass and took your lunch money everyday as a kid at school you’re bound to snap at some point.

In all seriousness, I really feel bad for the guy, especially when I look at that mugshot. Poor bastard looks like an Ewok who just got a bad check from George Lucas. Jokes aside, it’s a wonder he hasn’t killed himself or has yet become cracked out like his big brother Todd Bridges used to be. I swear life just ain’t fair. My man was a big star back in the day, but his most recent appearance on television was on Divorce Court. Which pretty much sucks when you think of all the midgets gettin’ work on cable TV on TLC. Personally I think someone should give him a reality show and put some money in his pockets, but that’s just me.

But anyway, checkout what my homie of the blog Throat Chop University has to say about Gary Coleman and a lot more in the following video because it’s mad funny. You can follow my man on Twitter @ThoatChopU for daily laughs, as well as subscribe to his channel on YouTube – ThroatChopU: