This is Life in America After the Projected GOP Midterm Takeover (Be Afraid, Be very Afraid!)

I really haven’t been in the mood to talk politics for a little while now; and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that. But I hear that, with six weeks out, the president is fired up and asking for help; and, I got an email today with an invitation to sit down with House Majority Whip Jim Cyburn next Thursday.

It would appear that the good Congressman from South Carolina is performing an outreach to black bloggers. Which is a great thing considering just how active we were during the primaries, and presidential campaign in 2008. I’m not attending the event in person. However, I do intend to participate via a conference call..

So anyway, even though I’m not really feeling politics right now, I can’t ignore the one story that truly made my day. I’m not sure if I was gonna have a bad day or not. But thanks to John Boehner, I had a great laugh for my first read earlier this morning, and I’m pretty sure that it set the tone for the rest of my day.

See, my man John Boehner was hanging out on everybody’s favorite network with Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday’. And in the discussion, he had the nerve to suggest that now wasn’t the time to focus on solutions to the vast problems that plagues the nation.

No seriously; that’s what he said. Yep, we got problems, but, err, umm, now isn’t the time to talk about solutions? Yeah I know, not hardly the line to run before an election, but hey, it’s the GOP. Those guys have been bankrupt on ideas for quite some time.

That is, excluding the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, of course; an act that provided huge tax breaks to corporate entities, who in return took jobs overseas. Uh-huh, they created jobs alright…

Now you can see why I had a great day, right? Other than having a good laugh, it really hit me that these are the ass-clowns that are predicted to gain the majority after the upcoming midterm elections.

Yep, these are the ass-wipes that people (read: independents) are going to vote for, out of their frustration with Democrats. According to Boehner, the GOP isn’t willing to call a tow truck, or even press the OnStar button!

But let them tell it, the do-nothing-president is hell bent on destroying the country, and having white people run around butt naked and broke like those Kenyans. One would think that with every damn bill the Republicans have blocked, that by now they would be willing to let voters know just what plan they envision for the country. But I guess that’s not important to know. What’s important is getting that “Kenyan Agenda” stopped.

Look, if you vote GOP or for the Tea Party this midterm election, plain and simple, you’re an idiot. Forget the car analogies of Barack Obama and listen to me. Voting for the GOP or Tea Party this November is like having unprotected sex with the same girl that gave you the crabs two weeks ago.

Yes, it’s really that stupid!