As I look back at the debate between Obama and McCain, the one thing that stands out is the absent mention of Africa in the discussion of foreign policy. They touched on Iraq, Iran, Israel, Russia, and even Georgia. But there was no mention of Africa, or more specifically the genocide in Darfur. Obama did draw a reference to Henry Kissinger, and thats as close to Africa as they got.
“But Henry Kissinger isn’t from Africa, he’s an old white man!”
True, he’s definitely not of African decent, and yes, he’s an old white man. An old yet powerful white man I might add. You see, Henry Kissinger, is currently an advisor for to John McCain’s presidential run. He’s as influential to McCain as he has been to most of the presidents in modern history. You see, at one point in time he was the Secretary of State. This meant that he, like Condi Rice now, flew around the world representing the good ole U S of A, and helping to shape or influence U.S. foreign policy on other world citizens.

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” – Henry Kissinger

Yup, thats a direct quote from the man who guides McCain on foreign policy. The same guy who said that it would be the interest of the next president to sit down and talk with the Iranian Prime Minister without any preconditions. A statement which he quickly retracted after Obama so skillfully exposed it on the debate. The above quote was taken from National Security Memorandum #200, which was signed into law under President Jimmy Carter. This policy (i.e. police action) was and still a part of what America is about when it comes to thrid world countries, and the continent of Africa.But while we can look to McCain’s advisor for this, Barack Obama has an advisor with foreign policy experience as well. His name is Zbigniew Brezinski. Obama’s foreign policy advisor, is responsible for National Security Memorandum #46. This document basically promotes division within the black community, and people of African decent here and abraod. If you don’t believe me click here and read for yourself; conect the dots while you’re at it. And all this time you probably have wondered why blacks can’t stick together in advancement of their own causes.

I don’t know, you probably think blacks are crippled by playing the victim. But when you have policies written in the gov’t which promote such division, you can’t help but to wake up to whats really going on in America. Its no wonder that the candidates never even touched on Africa or the genocide in Darfur. Why would they when their foreign policy advisors are against the interests of Aficans here or abroad? Somehow today, I feel like I was duped when I bought that USA For Africa T-Shirt, and sung “We Are The World” back in 1985.
Thankfully it took Gwen Ifill, a black woman, to even mention Africa or Darfur in the Vice Presidential Debate last night. Thankfully she didn’t sucumb to the pressure of writting a book on race and politics, and having to bow out of hosting the debate because she’s, well…BLACK?!?!