So the other night I’m watching the replay of the BET awards with my soon to be 15yr old daughter. Lil Wayne won some award (I don’t remember for what or don’t really care) and walked on stage to accept his award. The first words out of his mouth were, “I am nothing without God.” No big deal really. All celebrities find it convenient to remember God when they win an award. Its funny how God has given them talent which they use for their own monetary gain without any thought of giving him 10% of their earnings each Sunday. But let them win an award, and God gets all the props before the fans. Hell the fans are usually thanked last. This really sucks because I doubt God has “Lollipop” on heavy rotation in his Ipod.

Did you guys see Lil Wayne when he accepted his award? The fact that he thanked God didn’t bug me. It was the fact that he had like 50 people on stage with him. I swear, it looked like he had a bunch of Katrina victims up there with him on stage. He’s from New Orleans so its quite possible that they were victims of the hurricane 2yrs ago. Why won’t they? There’s still alotta homeless people down there. Some of them are probably still on rooftops waiting for the gov’t to send helicopters. Unfortunately for them, FEMA gave away $85 million dollars worth of supplies for the affected or needy victims of the hurricane. Yup they sure did, and that one was swept under the rug as it never made the everyday media news cycle.

I don’t personally like Lil Wayne or his music, but if he did have hurricane victims with him on stage, I say good for him. He sold like 1 million copies of his recent album in the 1st week of its release a couple weeks ago. In other words, the dude is bringing in some serious cash. Shit, he’s the hottest rapper in the game right now. He’s also known to make it rain on hoes. Now that he’s gettin paid like he is, its cool that he’s able to provide for his fellow New Orleans hurricane victims. At least he’s doing something, because FEMA sure as hell isn’t. I guess Bill Cosby was right when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”