Tennessee legislature commend Arizona’s passing of racist anti-immigrant law

“Take me to another place, take me to another land, make me forget all that hurts me…” – Arrested Development (Tennessee)

So Tennessee’s state legislators are spending tax payer dollars, in an effort to congratulate Arizona, for recently passing what amounts to racist anti-immigrant legislation. Now I’m all for giving props where props is due, but this one ain’t it:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee House has passed a resolution to commend Arizona on its tough new immigration law.

The chamber voted 67-25 on Monday to pass the resolution sponsored by Republican Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas.

The measure congratulates Arizona lawmakers and Gov. Jan Brewer for “their actions to protect their citizens and the borders of our great nation.”

The Arizona law requires authorities to question people about their immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re in the country illegally.

Democratic House Minority Leader Gary Odom of Nashville said Tennessee shouldn’t become involved in the national controversy over the law and argued that the resolution could cause the state to lose hotel and convention business.

The resolution now heads for a Senate vote. The state of Tennessee taking up a vote as they did on this bill, is reminiscent of those old photos of crowds of jovial white folks at one of those circa back-in-the-day. So no congratulatory “Thanks for being stand up bigots Arizona,” or “Way to go sticking it to those Asians,” Hallmark cards?

Instead, these chowder-heads spent 45 minutes debating this issue on the tax payers dole? So like, there are no other important issues to be concerned with, right? Oh well, I guess it’s to be expected when you have officials pitching a bitch about Hispanics being in public parks like they did a few years ago.

Can you imagine that? This coming from the state where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated? The very state where the scene of his assassination now hosts the National Civil Rights Museum, no less…?

Guns in bars, co-signing racism? Damn I love living in this state!