T-Pain endorses Sean Hannity and Conservatives in 2010? Can T-Pain even spell Conservative??

Just when you thought T-Pain couldn’t reach new heights of niggerdom from the days of his “big ass chain”, and that crappy mosquito in your ear sounding music. In steps Sean Hannity into his life to motivate his most coontastic behavior to date:

Look, I wasn’t gonna even blog this shit all due to the fact that both of these guys make my ass itch. But then my man Jay Smooth, of Ill Doctrine fame, dropped his two cents and said what I wanted to say a lot nicer than I would. You can check out what Jay has to say in the following video.

I have only one thing to add, and here it is: Is it me, or does the unusual pairing of T-Pain and Sean Hannity in that video look like one of those ventriloquist dummy acts? No seriously, didn’t it look like Hannity had his hands up T-Pains ass the whole time? I dunno, but maybe that’s how all that auto-tune crap got started? Sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect to the late Roger Troutman or any of his fans, but it’s just a thought…