Stuff White People Don’t Like: Black Folks Who Claim Martin Luther King Jr.

So what do you do when your “We want our country back,” campaign takes a big hit in the 2010 primaries in opposition to this country being ran by a half black man? Well, if you’re Glenn Beck, you do the unthinkable and attempt to reclaim the Civil Rights Movement and it’s heralded leader Martin Luther King Jr. Not a bad move actually since Dr. King is the most famous black republican of our time according to the republicans I often debate with.

I mean after all, we gave white America O.J. Simpson and Tiger Woods; and they gave us Barack Obama. Having said that, isn’t it only fair that they stake claim to Dr. King in our newfound post-racial (except for when you protest against the Nazi, Socialist, Kenyan-born illegal immigrant that occupies the White House) society. Sorry black people, you might see this as an insult, but as Rev. Jeremiah Wright would say, “the chickens have come home to roost.” Uh-huh, and you should’ve voted for McCain and we’d all be happy.

Yep, you want equality? Well, we see your black president and we raise you Martin Luther King Jr., by God! Now of course Beck has since been denied a permit to have this “historic” march, and I think it’s just wrong. In all fairness, why not approve Beck’s permit when the Klan gets to do the same thing in anytown US of A without any problems? I mean, didn’t Dr. King march so that one day we could stand side by side with Glenn Beck and not judge him by the color of his skin but by his pretty fucked up and blatantly racist character?

Would Dr. King be protesting this?