Stop Calling it Torture

So Barack Obama wants to move forward and forget about the whole torture thing as it has happened under Bush and the whole war on terror. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s not fair to push it off to the side, in a “let’s move past it” and move forward attitude. I’ll be honest; this is the type of stuff that gets me heated when I’m told to forget the past as it relates to slavery and oppression. It’s often the convenient defense of the guilty.

I think it’s funny how people selectively want justice only if it directly impacts their lives. Sure its ok to torture someone who wears a towel on his head as long as we’re fighting this war on terror and they’re being housed in Gitmo, or lord knows where else because of rendition. Yep, I don’t give a shit because those fuckers had it coming to them since 9/11. I mean really! So what if we started treating people this way who are housed currently in our jails and prisons? I mean, why not simulate drowning in order to get confessions from alleged criminals upon arrest.

Yeah, screw that old school method of slamming their nuts in a drawer, or beating them with telephone books. That shit is outdated and obviously ineffective. Yeah, let’s get enhanced. Don’t you just love the fuckin politically correct terms these days? Torture is now known as “enhanced interrogations”. Yeah like by being “enhanced”, it’s less painful or draconian. I’m guessing enhanced interrogations means these people are all having the bottom of their feet tickled with feathers in an attempt to gain information.

But no, we’re supposed to leave the past in the past and move forward. Forget prosecuting anyone in the face of a crime being committed. Well, if that’s the case, why do we have our tax dollars go towards a special department to hunt down Nazi war criminals? Oh I get it, what they did was cruel and unusual punishment. Yup, not only that, its not like their torture method was enhanced. I mean after all, what’s the big deal? It’s only water right? So what if waterboarding or simulated drowning was done 183 times a month, that guy had it coming to him. Besides, the treatment he received was enhanced, right?

Screw it, we should start seeing that type of stuff on The First 48 or maybe even Law & Order for that matter. Yup, and the police departments all across the country should adopt this as policy. Might as well because it’s definitely not torture. Torture is living in this country knowing that Bush lied and that nothing is going to be done about it. Yup, that’s torture alright.

QUESTION(S):Do you think it’s neccessary for these acts to be used as a tool of interrogation? Should anyone be prosecuted for these acts as the war crime that it is? Should we use enhanced interrogation techniques on U.S. soil? Do you agree with Obama on this one?