The Debt Ceiling Charade: Obama Moves Right to the Tune of Deficit Hawks

Speaking of lacking: I do hope the space shuttle Atlantis returns to earth from it’s mission with some jobs found floating around in space. I mean, I happen to know at least 14 million people who could use a job or two. And besides, it pains me to see my beloved president poke his head out of the White House like Punxatawney Phil after last Friday’s dismal jobs report. I’ll be honest, my man Barack looked a tad bit more stressed than usual. But I suppose the economy only adding 18, 000 jobs signaling an economic slowdown in an already slow economy is cause for concern. I mean that is, especially after declaring that you’re not worried about a double-dip recession.

So between the slight uptick in unemployment, and the debt ceiling debate, the president has a lot on his plate. And though many of us empathize with him but never wish to be in his position. We must never forget, that this is the job he signed up for; and support him or not, we must all be concerned about him doing the right thing, Because at the end of the day, is is our behinds that will ultimately pay the price. Having said that, much like I’ve said in the past as it relates to the economy, the president hasn’t done a good job. Leaving me to wonder if it is sheer incompetence on his part. Or whether this in itself is intentional, and staged for some greater purpose.

Whatever that purpose might be I don’t know specifically. But even I an asshole with a blog can see the shift to the right in the last few years. Some may not see this as a problem, however, no matter how you see it, it’s an obvious shift which signals that the financial sector and Wall Street is where it’s at – it’s the daddy of all politicians. That being said, at this point I’m a little bit disillusioned with politics in our country right now. I’m at a point where I’m completely dis-shelved, as I watch the grand scheme being played out before our very eyes.

As a lefty myself, I can’t help but to think that the right is winning as it moves further to the far right. Because that would mean the left itself has shifted to the right as well as it always has. That’s the political reality of America being a center-right nation politically. Maybe one day I’ll come to accept this, but as for now, no friggin way. I still believe in “we the people” and our power to affect change through the economic process. But lord knows what little power we have left is quickly shrinking, as the financial sector’s power is being realized.

For me, it’s the only way deep cuts in a time of deep economic recovery can be justified. It’s the only reason the debate is framed around deficits and spending. It’s the reason the tried and true politics of fear has always, and is being used right now on both sides of the isle to justify legislative policy. Frankly folks, I’m tired of being made to feel like somehow Freddie Kruger’s gonna kill me in my sleep (because most of us are indeed asleep) if one side doesn’t get it’s way. Yes I’m sick of it, but maybe I’ll get used to it much like many of you have.

Something just doesn’t feel right anymore. I’ve said it before time and time again when discussing the economy, that the probolem isn’t spending. Instead, it’s about not enough spending at this time is the actual problem. So when people say the Republicans are bent on destroying America – which they are. They often fail to realize that the White House’s position is not that much different. Albeit not as extreme; but, when you buy into the notion of cutting back in spending is a fix in the short-term, then I say you either don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re ultimately losing. Obama has been set up to lose by the GOP, and I’m afraid he doesn’t see this.

Maybe I’m just too idealistic…