Sorry, it’s not Rape if you “Invite” it by Dressing Provocatively, So Says Judge

You know, I’ve never been to Canada; but, it being one of the fifty states in America, when it comes to rape, like everywhere else, the victim gets blamed in the court of public opinion. A woman gets raped and the automatic assumption is that, well, she was asking for it. Yeah, you know, she should have known better than to walk down a dark alley at 2am with her breasts exposed stopping every ten paces to bend over and spread her butt-cheeks. Yep, Canada like every other state is the same when it comes to rape – blaming the victim is expected:

A convicted rapist will not go to jail because a Manitoba judge says the victim sent signals that “sex was in the air” through her suggestive attire and flirtatious conduct on the night of the attack.

Kenneth Rhodes was given a two-year conditional sentence last week which allows him to remain free in the community, in a decision likely to trigger strong debate. The Crown wanted at least three years behind bars.

Queen’s Bench Justice Robert Dewar called Rhodes a “clumsy Don Juan” who may have misunderstood what the victim wanted when he forced intercourse along a darkened highway outside Thompson in 2006.

Rhodes and a friend met the 26-year-old woman and her girlfriend earlier that night outside a bar under what the judge called “inviting circumstances.” Dewar specifically noted the women were wearing tube tops with no bra, high heels and plenty of makeup.

“They made their intentions publicly known that they wanted to party,” said Dewar. He said the women spoke of going swimming in a nearby lake that night “notwithstanding the fact neither of them had a bathing suit.”

The foursome left the parking lot and headed into the woods, court was told. Rhodes began making sexual advances towards the victim, who initially rejected him but later returned his kisses. Rhodes then forced himself upon the woman once they were alone.

Rhodes pleaded not guilty at the trial on the basis he thought the woman had consented. Dewar rejected his defence — but said aspects of it can now be considered in sentencing.

“This is a different case than one where there is no perceived invitation,” said Dewar. “This is a case of misunderstood signals and inconsiderate behaviour.”

Dewar said he didn’t want to be seen as blaming the victim but that all of the factors surrounding the case must be viewed to assess “moral blameworthiness.”

“I’m sure whatever signals were sent that sex was in the air were unintentional,” he said.

The Crown was seeking at least three years in prison for Rhodes, who has no prior criminal record and works for the City of Thompson. They cited numerous precedents from the Manitoba Court of Appeal suggesting the “starting point” for a major sexual assault involving intercourse is a penitentiary sentence.

“This sentencing will raise a number of issues relating to public confidence in the sentencing process,” Crown attorney Sheila Seesahai told court. She said the victim was at the mercy of her much larger attacker and his “repugnant and reprehensible” conduct.

In a victim impact statement, the woman described her ongoing fear related to the attack.
“I’m a prisoner in my own home,” she wrote. The woman said she bears a permanent reminder of what Rhodes did to her — a scar on her knee.

“This is a very serious rape case. The harm to the victim can’t be underestimated,” said Seesahai.

Defence lawyer Derek Coggan told court it’s clear alcohol was a factor for both his client and the victim in terms of their ability to make good judgments.

“She had a very different understanding of what was in the accused’s mind than he did,” said Coggan. He said Rhodes never threatened the woman, didn’t have a weapon and was simply “insensitive to the fact (she) was not a willing participant.”

Dewar said the case was not “typical” of ones the courts often see and shouldn’t be viewed as a precedent.As if this story couldn’t get any more ridiculous given that the accused, Kenneth Rhodes did no wrong by because he was “invited” and naturally he did politely RSVP the victim. As a part of his two year conditional sentence, he has to register as a sex offender. Um, so, he didn’t rape anyone but he’s a sex offender? And, for the first yeah of his “conditional sentence” he has a twenty four hour curfew which allows him to work and attend doctor appointments while the victim in this case gets to live the rest of her life in fear, and scarred.

Oh well, the judge also ordered him to write a letter of apology to the victim; so, maybe she’ll get over it and forgive him. Or better yet, maybe she’ll learn her lesson. Maybe she’ll understand that though no means no, you can’t wear those “come here and take some pussy because I like it rough” outfits while drinking.


P.S. Do read the story of rape and the fight for justice by Ms. Recy Taylor (here).