Sodomizing our children with hot branding irons!


Got your attention? Good! Maybe we can get our heads out the fvcking sand long enough to see the suffering on our children’s faces as we rape them of their futures for our own pride.

How can we as a country continue to lie to our children as we rape them of the opportunity of the future because we are too afraid of our own ignorance and to selfish to even consider giving up something for their success. America has become full of political pussies, governmental dildos, and us ordinary citizens have collectively become nothing more than crack heads looking for another d!ck to suck for a dollar!
“For the second time in less than a decade, Illinois is eliminating the state writing exam for elementary and junior high students, provoking concerns that writing instruction will taper off and fewer students will master the critical skill.

Education officials blamed the state’s budget crisis, saying canceling the writing test this year will save $3.5 million at a time when cuts are being forced in a variety of education programs.

That $3.5 million “is not going to balance the state budget,” said Barbara Kato, director of the Chicago Area Writing Project, which trains teachers in writing instruction.
[read more from source: Chicago Tribune]

Instead of political figures reducing their pay, teaching volunteering to reduce their pay or put in time for the children’s sake, parents taking to the streets and burning shyt up in protest, most people are just counting it up as there is nothing “we” can do.

This shyt infuriates Folk! And it should infuriate you.

Crazy thing is first generation immigrants are sending their children abroad for their children’s continued education. Those children return and take the top tier jobs because of their prestigious educations grant them a better chance of naming their pay and choose their job. Folk know these people! Folk know of several immigrants that are doing this! Yet, our own children here is America… The land of the free. Home of the brave. The land of hopes and dreams!

But those hopes and dreams are only as good as the education our children receive! And we are responsible for that eduction! We are responsible for them! We are! You. Me. Everyone!

How does it feel to watch our kids burn in flames of ignorance as you lie to them saying it will be okay because America is #1? How does it feel to hear their screams as they are sodomized by the incompetence of our failure as we turn and walk in complete pessimism.

America has become the bully of the world. We grew up fast and was able to dominate the other kids. As a result of our dominance we skipped school and now we are entering the age where the bully is becoming the bi!tch.

Real Talk

::drops mike and wanders off stage::