So what if Rush Limbaugh wants to own a few Negroes in the NFL…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAwww fuckit! What’s the big deal if Rush Limbaugh wants to be a co-owner of the St. Louis Rams?!! Who gives a shit, let him have it; this is America, can’t a man make a dime? I mean, that’s only if he’s White that is. I mean come on, who worries about a Black man making any money in America; shit, most of professional sports teams in this country are owned and donate considerably to the Republican party anyway. I say let Rush have at it and be the one with the big balls running around the sideline like Jerry Jones down in St. Louis.

“Look, let me put it to you this way: The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.” – Rush Limbaugh

So what he’ll have a large number of Negroes working for him on the field every Sunday; it’s not like they’ll go on strike, walk away from their multi-million dollar contracts, or stop dating White chicks. The NFL or professional sports with the exception of Hockey is the modern day plantation, and the man is entitled to a Jimmy The Greek moment. Shit, if you wanna get me fired up, lets talk about getting some Black or minority owners; last time I checked there were no minority owners and hell they just started getting Black coaches. So until Louis Farrakhan wants to buy into an NFL team and petition the commissioner to keep brothers away from the pigskin, there’s no controversy here folks.

Yeah, please go sit down somewhere Rev. Al Sharpton; wrong issue bruh.

So let Rush do his damn thing and spend his money where he pleases. He renegotiated his contract last year for his show to the tune of $400 million dollars – g’head, let him buy a nigger or two. I’m sure he’ll be welcomed with open arms by the members of the Council of Conservative Citizens based in St. Louis as they continue their fight for White Civil Rights. Fuckit, let ’em all have their fun before the ball drops on the new year that is 2042 when the Negroes and Wetbacks take over.

Besides, the Rams suck…

Now watch this video and see the St. Louis welcome wagon:Trust me, Rush Limbaugh is the least of anybody’s problems.