So this is What Republicans Do on Friday Nights! Damn I Love the Post-Racialness!!

Ahhh yes, those were fun times indeed. Seeing the smiling faces of slaves in warm embrace with their Confederate protectors sure makes you rethink the whole “slavery-was-bad” thing, doesn’t it?

Only thing this photo is obviously not from the good ole days. As a matter of fact, the above photo was taken last weekend! At a party; and no, it’s not even Halloween just yet!

Yes, the above picture was taken at a Republican shindig in South Carolina; Charleston South Carolina to be more specific. It was an event sponsored by The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

And of course the entire world needs to know just how “cool” they are, they posted this and other pics on Facebook. Just great; because of this “certain people” are gonna wanna pull out those black lawn jockeys.

Dubbed ‘The Southern Experience’, the event was held last Friday at the Country Club of Charleston. And from the looks of it, the only black folks at the country club were, well, happily dressed as slaves?

I mean what is a party hosted by Republicans without the traditional presence of happy slave-catchers, right?

Now here’s the part that really blew my mind about this spectacle. See the happy white man in the picture above? Yeah, OK, well, he just happens to be the S.C. Senate President; his name is Glenn McConnell.

A pretty prominent and well known fellow who as explains, “enjoys dressing as a Confederate General.” B-B-B-But wait it gets worse! S.C. governor Mark Sanford attended and spoke at the event!

Now I don’t know about you, but none of this makes me upset; actually, I find this to be extremely hilarious. And to steal a line from former NFL coach Dennis Green, “THE GOP, ARE WHO, WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!”

Yep, what else can we expect from the “we want our country back,” crowd? Shit, from the looks of it, they not only want their country back, they would really love to go back to, err, happier times?

Thanks a bunch Barack…

Now as for “Kizzy” and “Chicken George” in the pic above, I’m seriously hoping they got paid, and paid well. Sure to most of us no amount of money is worth our souls to go retro-negro like these two did.

But hey, with black unemployment having increased 700% more than white unemployment, I could kinda understand. But then again, a part of me thinks that these two jigg-masters were actual members of the Republican party; all bullshit aside, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were. I mean this is South Carolina; the first state to secede from the Union?

(H/T to my Twitter buddy @krysilove)