NOLA Cops Indicted for Cover-Up of Shootings After Hurricane Katrina

Back in December toward the end of 2008, I told you folks about Hurricane Katrina and the hidden race war in the aftermath of this country’s largest natural disaster. In that post I highlighted just how people of color had to go into extreme survivalist mode by having to duck being the targets of armed racist citizens.

Back then, as highlighted in the post, the cops were too busy to investigate those claims. Today, it’s reasonable to assume that those very cops were to busy doing some covering up of their misdeeds:

Now of course our good friends on the right side of the aisle who recently have been championing the fight for civil rights as they focused on the non-prosecution of the New Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia chapter’s voter intimidation charges, are shockingly silent on this one.

I’m guessing the loss of life and murder of people of color while George Bush did nothing but a fly-over, is not as important as getting white folks to pull the lever  for John McCain intimidation free back in 2008. But then again maybe the embarrassment of finding out that it was George Bush who dropped those charges can be attributed to said silence.

Four of the men pictured above – Bowen, Gisevius, Faulcon and Villavaso – were part of the “Danzinger 7,” who were originally indicted for the Danzinger bridge shooting in 2006. The case was eventually dismissed due to prosecutor errors which invalidated the case (see how that justice thing works?).

But in the fall of 2008, federal investigators picked up the case which subsequently lead to a string of guilty pleas by officers earlier this year. Here’s to hoping that these officers who were sworm to protect and serve the community get what they deserve.

Yep, stay in that ass Attorney General Eric Holder. And big-ups to the concerned citizens who actively petitioned the gov’t (via my blog and others) in the interest of justice.