Sip the juice, I got enough to go around

“You gotta snap some collars and let them motherfuckers know you here to take them out anytime you feel like it! You gotta get the ground beneath your feet, partner, get the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you got to! Otherwise you ain’t shit! You might as well be dead your damn self!” – “Bishop” (Juice)

Well, what a difference a day and losing a Senate seat makes. My man Barry-O obviously read my recent post instructing him on how to get this thing back on and poppin’. He gave a press conference today and he channeled his inner Tupac à la my man ‘Bishop’ from the movie Juice:

OK, so he wasn’t exactly as gully as my inner thug would like to see, but hey, it’s a start. I’m just sayin’, it’s not like I expect the brother to start handing n*ggas a two piece with a biscuit or nothing, but he has to get tough. Let’s hope this isn’t just lip service or just him selling woof tickets as they say in the hood. I say that because the way I see it is time he got tougher on these bankers. They’re the ones who are responsible for the country and the entire world in this financial mess, and we must ensure that this shit doesn’t happen again. But then again, how much regulation or how tough can you get with the banks when they pretty much bought the presidency?

Speaking of which, isn’t it ironic that on the very same day that Obama decides to pull his Buford Pusser “Walking Tall’ routine. The Supreme Court decides to kill democracy by allowing corporations to donate to their hearts content to political campaigns [read it here]. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it was an accident that the uber conservative panel decided in favor of Citizens United an organization which as they say, is bent on “Restoring Our Government to Citizen Control.” There’s a novel idea: citizen control.

It sure would be nice if that were possible considering that this country is ran by corporations anyway with Barack Obama as just another CEO. Way to go Supreme Court; hopefully in 2012 we can get KY Jelly to spend mega-bucks on a campaign. It doesn’t really matter what party. Either way when we the voters get screwed, it wouldn’t be as pleasurably uncomfortable as in the past.

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