Since When Did Raping A 12yr Old Girl Make You A Hero

This is the stuff I was afraid was going to come out of this. Yes, I told you folks days ago that people were going to use this as an opportunity to politic. I swear, sometimes my “cousins” disappoint me. Do you they really think that White America is going to take us seriously?
I’m all about protesting for justice, socially, economically and otherwise, but making this guy like the new Negro version of Ghandi, or Jesus on the cross I’m not down with. We shouldn’t miss an opportunity to speak out against the savagery that some minorities face on a daily basis when dealing with police officers. But when your poster child is a guy who shot four cops because he didn’t want to go back to prison? When the same guy you’re using to take a stand was just connected to the rape of a 12yr old child by DNA evidence, where’s the sense in that?
Oh, lemme guess, White people are just supposed to all of a sudden stop and feel sorry for us Black people and what we deal with (racial profiling etc.) because of this guy? I mean I know we all look alike and all, but dammit if this isn’t some bullshit. One of my pet peeves when I have conversations with my White friends about racism, social injustice etc., is that they often say that Black people are stuck on being victims.
They use this as a defense to the argument that racism still exists. It’s an argument that I detest. I will however concede that personal responsibility is in fact important in moving forward. How about we hold people like Lovelle accountable for what he was? Instead of being a hero, or an innocent victim acting out against a system of oppression, how about we just see him for what he was.
That said, it pisses me off when I see and hear shit like this in the following clip. Yes it does. How am I supposed to fight against a system of bullshit, when folks put guys like Lovelle Mixon on a pedestal? Lemme guess, if the cops who pulled him over were Black, they would have exchanged phone numbers, he would have invited them over for BBQ and a few beers, they’d become friends and everything would have been all good? Yup nobody would have died that day, right? What’s wrong with our cousins? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture?