Shots Fired: Howard Stern on Sarah Palin’s Arizona Shooting Response (Calls Her a C*nt)

I think it’s safe to say that Sarah Palin isn’t having the best week ever. Not only are folks in America mad at her as a result of the tragic assassination attempt in Tuscon, Arizona, of Gabrielle Giffords whom she “targeted” on her website a year ago. Now she has famed shock jock Howard Stern gettin’ all medieval on her ass as on his radio show – yep, he went as far as to call her a “cunt.”

Yep, so much for toning down the caustic political rhetoric. What he said is probably sexist and so not cool with some of you I’m sure. But I suppose since it’s Sarah Palin… it’s no big deal, right? Though Stern’s entire rant is spot on, I’m not sure if he should get pass for using that word. But then again maybe I feel this way because I’m black, and I’m used to more acceptable words like bitches, and hoes.

For the record, I wanted the above picture of Sarah Palin to be one with her caught in some crosshairs. But I was afraid that one of you readers may have seen it as a call to action killing her and then it would be my fault. Nope, not gonna be the blame for the actions of one of you nutjobs.