Shit Racist Republicans Say About Black People

I know we’re post-racial and all that but while we’re still discussing shit people say, I thought I’d take some time and discuss the racist rhetoric used (always but mostly recently) by politicians. Recently, I was discussing the politics of language used by Republicans in the media with my dear associate who may be just a smidge more extreme than most in his beliefs of Blacks in America, specifically as it relates to our having a separate nation and not integrating with American society. Our conversation sparked just after Rick Santorum’s comments about giving blah people money, and we began discussing the recent and very aggressive outwardly racist rhetoric used by politicians.

What do these politicians have to lose in their racist rhetoric? Rick Santorum (just for instance) may have given an un-apology sort of public statement to absolve himself from the responsibility of having said whatever he may have said, but his message was clear to someone, some where. Even aside from the more recent political coverage, I’ll remind you that President Obama’s birth certificate can be found at the White House’s official website because of such a hubbub by certain folks. Are racist Republicans really ‘losing’ anything with their rhetoric? What are they gaining with these intentionally racist conversations?

Yet Another Misguided Black Republican

The conversation with my aforementioned friend transitioned from rhetoric to other forms of injustice in the communities, somehow: the murders (by police officers) of Sean Bell and Aiyana Jones, the execution of Troy Davis, the “accidental” deportation of Jakadrien Turner, and others. My associate wondered why, in so long, had there been no riots after so many injustices? I hadn’t thought much about it again, because I know what I believe the fair answer to be, until I stumbled upon an article about a new book where a Penn Professor begs the same question: “Why Aren’t African-Americans Out Rioting?” I don’t have the answer to the question, but maybe some of the people in the comments section of the article do:

Of course black-on-black crime is rampant, but black-on-white crime is absolutely out of control. There’s your riot. Maybe the problems aren’t with “the man keeping a brotha down”. Maybe the problem is within. Maybe after decades of these people being raised with no morals and a sense of entitlement, the problem is inherent in the African American. If you keep promoting that the issue is within the system, these people don’t even try to better themselves.

Dependance on welfare and government assistance

Lack of education

Lack of leaders that do not blame “the man”, whites, the system, etc…

Lack of a family unit (no fathers/1 parent families)

High rate of illegitimate children

High drug use

Most adult males in jail or ex-convicts

Lack of successful role models that are accepted by the general black population who are not entertainers or sports figures. Successful role models are labeled “Uncle Tom’s” and sellouts to the general population.

High rate of moral decay and lack of conscience

At the end of the day, in the ghetto there is a lack of self worth and no sense of hard work to get an education and be successful….

Maybe all will be fine once they get their reparations…..

Most blacks are obtusely satisfied, proud and enjoy their status as a conquered people living in America and, consequently, have relinguished any hopes of procuring the best in what this country has to offer them. Relatively speaking, that is why Afro-Americans are not “rioting”. They have culled to follow the least line of resistance and declare an armistice with mediocrity.

Malcolm X once said that there is no such thing as a non-violent revolution; in fact, he said that the very nature of revolutions for the basis of independence includes bloodshed. I don’t know that I believe his rhetoric to that extreme either; I am no advocate of violence, but I find the question regarding the lack of rioting to be fair in the face of such injustice. I believe that violence begets violence and that the remedy is not in the physical fight but in the strategy; but are our strategies resulting in forward progression?