Barack Obama, Fried Chicken, Facebook, & The Crime Against American Values

You know, all this racist stuff as it relates to Barack Obama doesn’t even piss me off anymore. I’m sorry, but racism has been alive longer than Obama, and sadly, it’s not going away any time soon. That said, why spend the next 4yrs of my life at least, pissed off at a “certain group” of people? Being pissed off does nothing in my opinion; and besides, my blood pressure can only take so much – and you know “us” Black folk be walking around with that pressure. But at any rate, though not emotionally fired up ready to slap White folks, I feel the need to point out certain racist acts.

Like this one:

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Now it’s well known that the driving root of racism and racist actions are fear and ignorance. That said, as far as Barack Obama is concerned. Second to the “should he be killed,” poll on Facebook, this one is quite ignorant. Yes, and I’m afraid as fear goes? They’re not worried about killing him with this one. So I guess it’s safe to say that the person who uploaded this photo on the RNC’s fan page is fearful that through race mixing, particularly where Black and White people are concerned, there will soon be a shortage of fried chicken.

OK, so I’m not White. But I’m just guessing that when you sit around fearful of becoming the minority in this country come 2042. One of your concerns is that suddenly there’ll be no fried chicken left to feed your poor welfare assistance dependent family. No sh*t, if I were a White man that would be my concern – not overlooking the idea of having to move into the projects of course and having to put all my bills in the names of my kids – but this would be a big deal for once privileged people, no?

Oh well, at least the picture was taken down from Facebook. Yep, at least this way more White folks do not become more fearful than they already are and start a movement to stop interracial marriages and courtships (you know, kinda like how they do “the gays”). After all, it’s the offspring of these unions who suffer, right? It’s bad enough the negative attention containing a racist slant that Barack Obama recieves. But it’s even worse when they bypass him and take it to the source of his existance, which would be the marriage of his White mother to a Black man.

Yes, forget about the decision of the “Loving vs. Virginia” case back in the day. It was a crime against American values then, and the closer we get to a point where White folks are becoming extinct from the effects of global warming just like the Polar Bears? It damn sure is a crime even more today than ever before, because as a White man, I’d be damned if I have to wake up in America and be forced to eat fried chicken and tacos for the rest of my life.