Sandra Rose is a Slave Catcher – according to her, Black folks don’t read. We may not, but we sure do know ugly. And you ma’am are ugly!

So I’m sitting at the PC enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon as I spend time on Twitter. Its been quite some time since I’ve actually spent any time on there and actually tweet. Lately I’ve been more of a voyer in that regard, but today was different. I was having a great time sending out pearls of wisdom tweets which leaned heavy on the sarcastic, and having conversations with some really cool people.

While doing so, I was observing the chatter coming from conservatives about Obama, and health care reform. I even followed a link one of them put out to an article that insinuates that health care reform was Obama’s cleverly designed reparations policy for Black people [read it here]. Yeah, they suggested that health care reform was indeed another Affirmative Action policy. Yeah I know, I wanted to throat-chop the person who wrote that article. Reparations? Imagine that?

So anywhichaways, I’m having a good time going back and forth with people having great exchanges and conversation. It was then that I noticed Sandra Rose, a supposed A-List blogger tweeting and throwing some serious daggers at Barack Obama and his policies. I even questioned her on one of them and she never responded. No big deal; she doesn’t know me nor do I know her; so, she doesn’t owe me anything. She continues on her tweet rants and clearly as evidenced by what she was saying, she’s believeing all the misinformation, and disinformation concerning the proposed bill. Then she went on to say this, or send out this tweet:

@SandraRose: I would post more links exposing the ObamaCare fraud, but as you know, black people don’t read.Hold up, is this famed Celegrity Gossip Blogger asserting that Black people don’t read? Really? I’m sorry, but for a Black person to espouse such vitriol is slave catcher behavior to me. Lemme guess: Black people don’t read anything but bullshit celebrity gossip, right? Either that or all of her readers are white? I know this wench didn’t forget her color. Now you know that’s not it because when you look at her pic she clearly is Black. I’m guessing she’s forgotten that. Yeah, she has obviously forgotten that she looks like Ms. Jane Pittman mixed with Celie from The Color Purple, and a splash of Meerkat. Period point blank it gets no Blacker or uglier than that, but my guess is that she was projected some of her self hatred.

Look, I don’t care about how she feels about Obama or his policies. She could be a House Negress for all I care. But when you have the nerve to say some shit like that, you’re actually a part of the problem. And that would be the obvious problem of Blacks being percieved as intellectually inferior; yeah, you know that old racist ideological stereotypical bullshit? Here’s an idea; how about if all of those non-reading Black people stop visiting your site Sandra. Yeah, how about that? How about you lose generated ad revenue by those non-reading Black folks’ refusal to show up on your blog. Silly rabbit, you wouldn’t be who you are if Black people didn’t read.

Listen, talking shit and hatin’ on celebrities is one thing. Hell, if 50 Cent could do it and get rich, I guess she can too. But does her spirit have to be as ugly as her face? Yes, if she wasn’t a hater she’d still be ugly, but people would overlook that because the true beauty of a person is what’s inside of their hearts. But I’m sorry Sandra, being an ugly slave catching hater is not a good look. It may make you money doing what you do – blogging professionally that is. But at the end of the day, it is you who has to go to bed by your damn self; and you know why? Because they say God doesn’t like ugly, and you my sister are an ugly duckling (literally) who is just a tad bit bitter because you’ll never be a swan.

Hopefully unlike Black people she’s able to read this.