Same-Sex Marriage, the Mayan Calendar, & Obama the Antichrist ( Or, My Day as a Conservative)

Maybe the Mayans were right and we are already living in the last days. Perhaps, they were a little off, though and the 12/21/2012 date is not the ABSOLUTE end, but instead the beginning of the end. Stay with me, here… Bored as usual, I decided to take a chance at being a Conservative for a day – and by “day” I mean the amount of time it might take me to write this post.

We’ve all read somewhere at some point and in varying degrees of seriousness that Obama is the Antichrist (if not, Let Me Google That For You). Specific individuals’ reasoning for believing this come from any number of directions, but since I am one of “those,” I don’t particularly NEED to explain it, I can just make an asinine statement and as long as ONE person believes and passes it along, then I have done my part.

Well why, then, are we touting our 44th President as the Antichrist this week?

Well, in the runup to the Amendment One debacle in North Carolina, he had an opinion that seemed more tied to the Constitution – in that denial of any American of any rights would be wrong – and then in the fallout from the same debacle, he came out and flatly stated that he has no problem with same sex marriages, and that will be the beginning of the end.

Now that Obama has come out and used a good constitutional reason to support same sex marriages, despite this flying in the face of his fake (Christian) and secretive (Mooslim) religions, we can freely see that this man is really and truly a nihilist to whom nothing is sacred.

I have come to the conclusion that when Obama makes gay marriage legal, then same-sex marriages will close the gap on “Godly” ones in the same manner that immigrant/brown births are doing with white real Americans. What the black and poor people who voted for Obama fail to realize is that when this happens, these couples will not be able to bear children. The ones that do slip through the cracks will have one of those Federally-funded abortions.

The natural next step is that people will eventually age out and die off. With families remaining trying with all they can to avoid incest/inbreeding, procreation numbers will grind to an excruciating halt. Family doctors and womens’ hospitals will cease to exist due to simple necessity and eventually the human race will become extinct.

Now, I never claimed to be a mathematician, but the numbers I just crunched in my smartphone suggest to me that the last days will be most apparent within the next 50-75 years and I dare anyone to challenge these findings.

So yeah, perhaps those Mayan folks were not as crazy as we’re making them out to be after all. It’s not too late to change things, though. We need to take this man’s teleprompter from him, amend the US constitution to protect it from him and people like him and take back America!