Ron Paul, Politics & The Revocation of One’s Black Card

Woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and what a surprise I am still black. Which was not a guarantee after this past weekend where I engaged in several conversations regarding supporting Obama and the Democratic Party and not doing so would lead to a revocation of my black card.

Apparently engaging in a conversation about some of the positions held by Ron Paul, the Libertarian party, and his attendance at the GOP debate in Ames. Iowa,  including comments he made while there are grounds for having one’s black card suspended and or revoked.  This is quite interesting because actually his supporters have been better behaved in their discussions than the other two parties supporters combined.

Yes I voted for Obama in 2008 I worked his campaign and volunteered and raised funds as I am sure many did.  In 2008 I had a full time job with benefits, my own place in the city that never sleeps and was poised to do some great things.

Flash forward to now – no longer have the full time job or the benefits (that’s insurance for the slow folks), had to move in with my mother while attending school full time, which caused me to have to relocate to a notorious “Red State”, and am still poised to do great things but that is IN SPITE of the policies that have been implemented since Obama took office

Don’t get me I still have much respect for his point of view and what he would LIKE to accomplish while in office I just seriously question his ability to accomplish much given the political climate that exists not only in Washington DC but in this country right now in general . His qualifications have not  changed but  my questions about his candidacy have little to do with what he Can or will do as opposed to what he will be ALLOWED to do or can MANAGE to do.


This point could not be brought home better than the recent debacle with the debt ceiling. There are people who are willing to destroy the economy of this country rather than to work with the president.  The politics that were at play with regards to the budget and the total lack of consideration for those who aren’t WEALTHY already, or politically connected was not only business as usual in Washington, but allowed for those who have an agenda that if implemented would send us back to 1863.

So in discussing the GOP debates and in particular some of the statements made by Ron Paul, I have had to listen to conversations that included the caveat that merely considering anything other than voting for Obama again in 2012 would be tantamount to high treason and would earn me a “Traitor to your Race” badge.

No one was prouder nor more understanding of the significance of electing the first person of color to the highest office in this country.  The whole scenario was poignantly brought home for me when my 90+ year old grandmother who sharecropped and is the descendant of slaves went to cast her vote for Barack Obama. There is NOTHING that can replace the expression on her face when it was announced that he had won the election.

However all those issues aside going into a second term the realities of the last few years hit home like Thor’s magic hammer.  My mother is retired and yes my grandmother at 99 is still around.  Both living on social security and needing to use Medicare to survive.

I, as a full time college student am being swamped under student loans that I have to find a way to repay when I matriculate.  It is right now next to impossible to find any employment in my area with a living wage – which by the way I am in a “At Will” work state which means even if you found a job they can fire you without cause at any given moment

I have not as of yet made a decision as to whom I will vote for in 2012  I will as I always have carefully consider ALL candidates, their record and what policies they put forth for this country . I also will have to consider how feasible it will be for the policies that they espouse to be implemented in the current environment that exists in Washington

Carefully considering all these things I will make my decision with regards to who I will vote for In the meantime I might hang out with the Libertarians for a hot minute (personal responsibility and individual liberty – with limited government involvement- sound familiar?)

.   In the end on the morning after Election Day hopefully I will still be black or at least keep the nice shade of mocha brown I have been sporting for most of my life.