Racial Discrimination: No different than refusing to marry a woman who doesn’t bathe; or not allowing black KKK members

Yep, no different than what Rand Paul and others believe, right? I’m not sure if you know much about Walter E. Williams, but for the sake of brevity, let’s just say that he subscribes to the Libertarian precept. He’s a noted black academic professor of Economics, scholar, and syndicated columnist. He is also an esteemed colleague of one of my favorite Negroes I love to hate, Thomas Sowell, who also writes for the Cato Institute.

Williams is also of the belief that racism, and the legacy of slavery is overemphasized as problems faced by black people today. This would explain his views as a critic of affirmative action and the minimum wage. In the following clip he explains why Title II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional; and, most importantly, how a private business owner’s right to discriminate, is no different than his right to not marry a woman who doesn’t bathe:

I’ll admit that I do not know much about Libertarianism. However, with that said, what Williams expressed above sounds more like a case of a muthafucka being too smart for his own good than anything else. Too smart to the point where his esoteric philosophical views are indeed intended for a select few. That would be, the Fraternal Order of Smart Dumb Negroes & Slave Catchers.

What’s funny is how everyone regards men like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cornel West, and Michael Eric Dyson as poverty pimps and race hustlers. But yet very little attention is paid to the likes of Walter E. Williams and others who wouldn’t have a problem turning back the hand of time to a society that was more free than it is today. A society where laws are not needed because, well, the idea of an uneven playing field, is yet another fallacious notion upon which regressive people of color find comfort.