Rachel Maddow demolishes the president of racist anti-immigration org F.A.I.R.

Remember when I told you a last year about the racist organization F.A.I.R., and how they were spending money to influence representatives with their anti-immigration message during the health care debate? Yep, back then they attempted to makeit impossible for  legal and documented immigrants, to obtain government subsidized health care for up to a 5yr period. Yep, remember that whole, Joe Wilson “You Lie” thing last year? Uh-huh, yeah, you probably don’t remember that, I’m sure. But thanks to those assholes out in Arizona, and their “Juan Crow” law, and thanks to Rachel Maddow, these white supremacist are being exposed:

Did she own his ass, or what?!!

If you think Rachel’s research and fact check breakdown is full of shit. Do yourself a favor and read what I wrote last year and just what I found out about the very same organization [read it here]. The truth is, comprehensive immigration reform will add 1.5 trillion to the economy over the next 10yrs, and should be encouraged.  Let’s hope our elected officials get themselves together, and do the right thing in-spite of all the negative talk and aspirations of racist idiots the likes of the ass-hat interviewed by Maddow above. You know, the same people who say they’re staunch constitutionalists, and are about freedom and equality?

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