Pure F*ckery: Saggy Pants, Nigerian Stowaways, & White Men Flying in Panties

OK look, before I get into this piece, I want you folks to know that I’m really mad at y’all. No seriously, I’m mad that none of you told me the story about the brotha being kicked off the plane for saggy pants, and the white man being allowed to fly wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

You mean none of you felt that was racism worth me chasing? Y’all know it’s hard out here for a racism chasing blogger these days and none of y’all even told me about that foolishness last week? That’s cool; I’m still kinda mad, but I forgive y’all for it. Just know that the next time a news story involves a white man wearing bra and panties in public is out there, I’m interested.

OK, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to some more American-airport-racism brought to us by the good folks within the mainstream media. You know, that shill of a fourth establishment, and the current story surrounding the Nigerian man who somehow managed to sneak past TSA and fly for free:, using an old boarding pass in someone else’s name, and expired identification. Yes, sounds crazy, but this is what he did:

LOS ANGELES – A Nigerian man who flew from New York City to Los Angeles International Airport using an expired boarding pass that belonged to someone else was in custody today after being arrested as a stowaway aboard an aircraft, authorities said.

Olajide Noibi was arrested Wednesday morning, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

Noibi boarded Virgin American Flight 415 at JFK International Airport bound for LAX on Friday, Eimiller said.

After the plane took off, flight attendants noticed there was an extra passenger, and when they examined Noibi’s boarding pass they noticed that it was from the previous day and bore the name of a different person, Eimiller said. He was questioned, but he was not arrested at that time.

On Wednesday, Noibi was arrested when he returned to LAX and tried to board Delta flight 46 for Atlanta, again trying to use an expired boarding pass belonging to someone else, Eimiller said. Other expired boarding passes allegedly were found by officials who searched his bags.

Noibi was arrested on a felony violation for “being a stowaway aboard an aircraft.” He made an initial appearance in federal court on Wednesday, Eimiller said. The case was continued until 10:30 a.m. Friday, she said. (source)

Now I have to be honest, the first thing that bugged me about this story was in fact, the media coverage of it. All day long media outlets on and offline have been running the story about the “Nigerian” stowaway. Upon hearing the story aside from the obvious question of how did he do it? Naturally, you’re gonna assume that he was maybe some terrorist operative. You may even ask, what if he was and do they know if he is a terrorist as of yet? And you would because by him being “Nigerian” he’s obviously a foreigner, and of course, a threat.

A few weeks ago we had some other “African” dude wandering around in DC was picked up and is suspected of terrorist activities at military offices. Then there’s Yemen and terrorists with bombs strapped to their genitals. So yes, naturally you’re gonna assume the worst about this guy. Our post 9/11 media hysteria in lockstep with the government is responsible for this, so don’t feel too bad after I tell you what I tell you. As you know, there’s always a racial angle.

Did you know that the “Nigerian” in this story who I’m sure some are looking at as one of president Obama’s terrorist cousins is actually an American citizen. I know, you didn’t see that coming; and why would you, when all you hear is that he’s “Nigerian”. You know, like all the scams in this country involving bank accounts and emails are done by those Nigerian scam artists?

Remember those? Sure you do; and in your mind, being Nigerian is synonymous with being criminal, which should come as no surprise that this guy was caught doing this. Surely it wasn’t his “American” side who essentially hoped the NYC subway turnstile – which is essentially what he did – no, it was the more ominous Nigerian who scammed the TSA

You might not see it like I do, but that’s how racism and the media by whom our perceptions are shaped works. You probably don’t agree with me, but ask yourself: would a Nigerian or an African American be allowed to walk through an airport and travel while wearing nothing but a bra and pannies?.