Prop 8 Overturned and why Folk don’t give a fvck!

By guest blogger Folk

It doesn’t change shyt! The overturning of Prop 8 hasn’t changed a gawt d@mned thing! Same sex couples still can’t marry within the state and an appeal is 100% likely! So…. It’s nothing more than move to the next step and hope the supreme court takes a listen. However, it is a victory. So congrats to Folk’s lesbian and gay readers out there. But Folk digress.

But the real reason Folk don’t give a fvck… Well, actually there are four reasons why Folk don’t give a fvck.

1) The economy is in shambles, people don’t have jobs, people are loosing jobs, pay is being cut all over the place, children are hungry, and crime is up as a result. So be married. Folk don’t give a fvck. But Folk would prefer that the courts of America spend some time getting America and the states out of this economic hell hole. Can’t shyt like legally fvcking someone of the same sex in “holy” matrimony be put on hold for a second until we get some kibbles and bits to eat, and maybe a job or two? Is this a civil rights issue? Yes. And Folk believes this issue should be done in a civil rights way. Just start marrying in states where it is illegal! In droves! On the steps of court houses. Take the parades off the streets and invade the diners where politicians eat and smooch with the conservative right. That will get some attention and get some things changed really really quickly.

2) Illegal aliens are invading our world just to drop off their babies for American citizenship. As a result, you got politicians who want to challenge the 14th Amendment. As a person of color, this freaks the fvck out of Folk and it should freak you out too! Again, this is a little more important than Prop 8 in Folk’s mind. Why? Because they want to go fvcking with the 14th Amendment. If these wack nuts begin changing the fvcking constitution because they’re scared of a few brown babies, what do you think they will do because they don’t like two males rubbing on each others matted genital hair behind closed doors? Focus people Focus! Start adopting Mexican and Middle Eastern babies! Again, hit these fvckers where it hurts if you really want to stir up the fvcking melting pot!

3) Does anyone else see that their trying to sweep this whole oil thing under the rug? Okay, so you’re married to your gay lover of 12 years legally. How you going to explain that glowing dack from eating poisoned fish. Folk don’t give a fvck who you are, if your dack is glowing unnaturally from tainted fish, lobster, crab, and shrimp, love ain’t going to overcome that! Plus you ain’t getting none either. Tragedy! Join ranks with the people of the gulf. Get the people of the gulf on your side and the whole conservative defense will fall apart. Nothing like a gay man and a real Louisiana Creole hanging out dranking a beer together after working a hard day cleaning up the gulf.

4) Folk is hungry d@mnit! ::goes to make a sammich::

::mumbles:: “Again, congrats. It’s at least one small step. But don’t think these fvckers are going to go quietly. What y’all feeling out there? For or against Prop 8?” ::bites sammich:: “Better yet, how many of y’all support same sex marriages and / or have ‘friends / family’ that are gay or lesbian?”