President Obama’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

Well the bad news is that president Obama’s approval ratings hit and all-time low yesterday, by dipping to 39%. The good news is that Congress’s approval rating is even lower than the president at 13%. Even better news is that president Obama announced yesterday on his bus tour that he has a plan to create jobs, and stimulate the economy that he will be announcing in September just in time for when those do-nothing-derelicts in Congress returns to work, and he backs them up in a corner.

Yes, after talking to people on the road these next few days, I’m pretty sure president Obama will have something for Congress come September. All this talk about him not having a backbone and not being aggressive enough? Well, with his approval ratings being what they are. Look for the brotha to to get his fill of Harriet Tubman hog maws washed down with that Nat Turner red Kool Aid this summer. Straight up and down, with this asshole Rick Perry questioning Obama’s love for America, Barack is about to go in beast mode on him and all the folks throwing darts right now. Truthfully, I think he likes this shit. I seriously think he enjoys proving people wrong.

President Obama’s approval rating has sunk to 39 percent in the latest Gallup daily trackingpoll, the lowest point of his presidency.

The survey, based on a three-day rolling average, also found that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s job handling, a new high.

Battered by several weeks of bad economic news and a bruising debate over the debt ceiling, Obama sets out on an official bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois later today aimed at selling his plan for economic growth, reclaiming the media spotlight that has been dominated by Republicans and building support among Midwest voters.

Recent state-by-state polling by Gallup found that Obama’s approval ratings in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois are currently above the national average.

In Minnesota, 52 percent of voters approve of Obama’s job handling, while 49 percent approved in Iowa and 54 percent in Illinois, Gallup found.  The national average for the first half of 2011 was 47 percent

The way I see it, in November 2012 this 39% approval rating, much like Michele Bachmann winning the Iowa straw poll, will mean nothing. Yes, things are pretty jacked up throughout the economy; and yes, unemployment is still high. However, much like a game of spades, I’m gonna bid a blind six on this one. I’m going to bet that my man Barack will get it together. After all, he has a lot of money backing him up currently; namely, money from lobbyists donating to his campaign through his Super PAC. Given the compromises and capitulations, let’s just say that the wealthy among us aren’t mad at him; not yet, and definitely not like many of us everyday working, and non-working people.