A Pope We Can “Count On?”

*Disclaimer: If any of you are Catholic, I beg you not to take umbrage.  I don’t have a filter when discussing fuckery.

You know for the last few weeks I’ve been really irritated everytime that damned “Catholics come home” commercial comes on.  You know the one where these folks talk about how all of a sudden they went from non-practicing to practicing Catholics and how enriched they are spiritually now that they are back.

It irritates me because it’s almost condescending considering the pickle the Catholic church and the Pope have found themselves in again.

And you would think there would be some humility, some understanding, some empathy given the news that over 200 boys were molested across the globe in addition to previous cases.

Instead the Church’s pitbulls are out in full effect; ego in full effect.  *In best Cartman voice* “Whatevah!  Ah do what ah want!”

The Vatican has taken off the gloves in its response to media reports alleging the pope mishandled a series of abuse cases before he was elected.

It launched a frontal attack on the New York Times on Wednesday night by posting a long statement on its Web Site by Cardinal William J. Levada, who succeeded the pope as head of the Vatican’s doctrinal department.

Levada asked the newspaper “to reconsider its attack mode about Pope Benedict XVI and give the world a more balanced view of a leader it can and should count on”.

The Vatican has denied any cover-up over the abuse of 200 deaf boys in the United States by Reverend Lawrence Murphy from 1950 to 1974. The New York Times reported the Vatican and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, were warned about Murphy but he was not defrocked. (Source)They also argue that because the Pope is a head of state, he cannot be put on the stand to testify.  They are not a “multi-national corporation.” 

Are they afraid that maybe he’ll show his ignorance and complete and total disregard the way he did when he said Africans didn’t need condoms (despite the high HIV and AIDS rates on the continent, and the rapes that occur in places like the Congo?)

Isn’t this the same guy that was tied to Nazis in World War II?

Can we REALLY expect this man to show any type of care given his track record for really not giving a damn?  What did we expect now?  Humility?

This is not an attack on the foot soldier in the Church, because some of them are truly out-of-the-box thinkers, and they don’t always follow the Church’s outdate, self-righteous, morally condescening and out of touch doctrines.  I guess I just want to know how much longer before the world as a whole decides to DEMAND that they get their shit together?

I think anyone and everyone who willingly participated in these cover ups and abuses of innocent children should be arrested and tried.  If that means the Pope, so be it.  He is just a man, and God sees him the same way he sees you or me.  The Pope is simply a vessel.  If he fails at his task, he should be punished the same way we would be.  Period.

What are YOUR thoughts on the newest Church scandal?