Police Sketch Artists Are Racist: Uh Huh, All Negroes Look Alike

Maybe it’s just me, but I have never seen a police sketch artist draw up a Chinese criminal. It’s always a black or white guy. And they’re never smiling. I find that hard to believe. Some criminals probably love to smile.

I don’t know if police sketch artists are racist or if they just like movies, but every single sketch looks like Samuel L Jackson. Two weeks later they find the criminal and it’s some white midget with an attitude.

If I was to fully trust police sketch artists, Samuel L. Jackson has committed every violent crime since 1986. Thinking of Samuel L Jackson, I thought he was great in “Bruce Almighty” and “Million Dollar Baby”. It’s about time they gave that brother an Oscar. Hell, he even played the President in “Deep Impact”.

Oh yeah, and back to that Chinese thing: maybe its just me but, why is it that every Chinese restaurant has a Mexican dude doing the dishes? What’s up with that? Obviously Chinese people don’t do dishes, but just once I’d like to go to a Mexican restaurant, and see a Chinese dude as a bus boy or something. To me it only seems right since most of the patrons are either Black or Mexican. Oh well, maybe that’s just how it is where I live.

And one last thing: when did Chinese, or Asian people get rhythm? My daughter got me hip to this dance group a few months ago. I think they’re called the Niggawokeez or something like that. I think that’s what they’re called. But anyway, I saw them on MTV and they were break dancing or doing some form of well choreographed, Negro influenced, hip hop style dance.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Did the one Black dude teach them all?
I thought it was cool myself being an ex fat breakdancer and all, but I was shocked to see that they were like, of asian decent. So now I’m thinking: they got the kung fu thing down, as well as the whole being supersmart thing, and now dancing? When are White people gonna catch up?