Police Beats Up Man With Down Syndrome & Colostomy Bag

This is yet another example of how police officers are effectively serving our communities.  I know, it’s hard to believe that crime is down given our current economic crisis. But let’s just say that this is what’s happening, and why crime is down. Not sure how, but it’s good to know that police officers are going the extra mile in an attempt to keep us all safer. And as I mentioned before, the fact that crime is down right now, indicates what I consider to be effective policing strategies, such as this incedent, down in Miami recently:

Family members of a man with Down Syndrome who was allegedly battered by a Miami-Dade police officer, have hired an attorney in what they say is a case of bullying and excessive force.

According to the police report, two Miami-Dade officers stopped Gilberto Powell, 22, in his Richmond Heights neighborhood while he was walking home at around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

During that time, the patrol officers stopped Powell because they saw a “bulge in (Powell’s) waist band,” the report said. That’s when police, “decided that a pat-down should be conducted.”

While attempting to pat him down, police said Powell “pushed off the vehicle and attempted to flee.”

After police gave “multiple commands to stop moving in attempt to handcuff him,” he “fell on the ground and struck his forehead,” officers wrote in the incident report.

Still ignoring their loud verbal commands “to stop resisting and obey,” police said Powell struck one of the officers in the chest and attempted to flee.

That officer then “struck the left side of (Powell’s) face with an open hand in an attempt to subdue him.”

Powell was by his house when he was handcuffed, according to the family’s attorney Philip Gold.

The officers finally determined the bulge in Powell’s pants was his medical colostomy bag, and Powell’s family says police pulled it from his body. (source)

So cops are beating up and killing homeless people, and now a brother with Down Syndrome and a colostomy bag? Really? I mean this is where we are in America now? What, the streets aren’t safe anymore, and disabled and homeless people are causing havoc out there nowadays? No, but seriously po-po? I know being a cop is a tough and dangerous job, but, err..