Pat Buchanan: Obama is “Affirmative Action all the Way [Because Negroes are Dumb].”

Birth Certificate? No, we wanna see his test scores!

I didn’t catch this live yesterday, but I happened to peek in on Twitter, and a lot of people were pissed. Of course whenever paleoconservative Pat Buchannan speaks on the matter of race in America, it pumps life into the Klan. Can you believe this garbage? It’s bad enough that president Obama’s citizenship is questioned, but now this asshole is asking for Obama to provide his college test scores? Peckerwood please! When in the hell has that ever been an issue for any president of these United States of America? Now they wanna know just how he was able to get the education he did, because, well, Negroes ain’t smart.

But somehow, Jorge the C-average dummy from Yale, was a genius!

Yeah, there’s no way “the guy” formerly known as “that one,” is capable of scoring well enough to get into some of the most prestigious schools in America. I mean after all, it’s not like he was on an athletic scholarship or anything like that, right? Listen up racist assholes: Affirmative Action worked. Your gandpappy n’em was able to bring Black folks to America to work for free. So yeah, Affirmative Action was successful like a muthafucka. But if you don’t like it, you can always cut us a check… BITCH! Yup, freedom and racism ain’t free.