Pas de justice pas de paix (No Justice No Peace) French Nazi Police Show the Real Story Behind France’s Unresolved Racism

Evacuation de familles sans logement à la Courneuve Uploaded by Mediapart. – News videos from around the world.

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

I cringed in horror when I saw the video of a group of French police brutally dissolve a group of African immigrants who were peacefully protestoring in Paris on July 21. The city of love my black ass.
The group consisted of mainly of women, women with children and pregnant women. The part that makes my blood boil is the absolute ruthless way they drag women with children on their backs against the cement. Savages! And people wonder why the Black Panther Party called some cops, pigs.

According to news reports (Media Part and CNN) 190 adults and 49 children were protesting their eviction from the building they had been squatting in front of since the July 8 removal. Babies and children living on the street!

Some were documented and others were not, the news reports that all have said that they have attempted with great effort to get legalized, but were denied.

The immigrants were mostly from the Ivory Coast, but this is not the first time this has happened to specifically African immigrants.

In fact, Africans are treated horribly and denied jobs, the opportunity to be legalized, decent housing, and other resources. And immigrant blacks period experience severe segregationist and xenophobic behaviors and attitudes in France. Also, African immigrants are grossly exploited with cheap labor, and many live in poverty.

Right now the France Administration is redefining its “Frenchness” with new nationality codes. Part of these policies are implementing a selective immigrantion process that expels their unwanted such as the recent waves of Africans, some Portuguese and Spanish (specifically the Arabs) that have migrated to France.
Specifically, France’s President Nicolaus Sarkozy wants to revoke citenship to immigrants that he thinks put the country’s security at risk.

But when someone whispered, “The Africans are coming,” all hell broke loose.
In 1995, then the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac expressed his disdain for African immigrants in his explanation of why the average “white” French citizen is becoming infuriated by their presence.

This is a translation of what he said, “The father lives in cramped quarters with three or four wives and some twenty kids. He gets 50.000 francs ($7000) from entitlements (welfare) benefits without, it goes without saying, working. If on top of that you add the smell and the noise, the French worker – he loses his mind.”

This is the perspective: Africans come to France to get free benefits while they tax the economy and degrade the quality of life for true French citizens. Interestingly, when France was stealing people, natural resources, and forcing Africans to be speak proper French to benefit the French empire, it wasn’t a problem.
And have you smelled the underarm pits on a French subway? Now that is some funky odor.
So now that Africans have been used in the worst way and France has reaped all the benefits through years of colonialism, they are no longer needed.

This is exactly what Arizona rednecks are salivating to do.

Though these nationality codes are part of a recent European xenophibic trend, this only follows a series of injustices and clear signs of serious racial disparities and conflict.

In 1996, there was a removal of about 200 immigrants from Mali who squatted in front of a church in Paris. They too attempted to be legalized and go through all of the proper steps and were denied.

Earlier this year in April almost 48 Africans died in a fire in a dilapidated hotel.

You think Arabs have it bad? And they have it real bad. Try being an African in France, sheeeiiittt.

Well Serena, now you know why the white folk don’t bother you in your luxury Paris apartment. You are a nigglette like the rest of us.