Only in Memphis – Woman shoplifting throws baby at security and escapes

So I told you folks about this city having the dubious distinction of being the most obese city in the country some time ago. Watching the news yesterday, it dawned on me that I have yet to share the news that this city is also number one in the country when it comes to infant mortality. No joke, it’s as serious enough an issue here that there’s a conference going this week exploring and seeking to educate single mothers. Well, as if this issue isn’t bad enough, in comes the latest story of Memphis fuckery. I caught the news story where yesterday a shoplifter, in an attempt to elude security at a Walmart here in the city, threw a 2mth old baby boy as a diversionary tactic. Uh uh, a 2mth old kid was thrown…TWICE! And here’s the kicker…the woman who did it was the aunt of the baby.

Check it out:

Now ain’t that some shit? Not only are we in the city the fattest muthafuckas in the country, we have a penchant for causing the death of infants and weilding them as weapons. Now the funny part about this is that the mother of the child was at the store as well. It was said that she was in the bathroom at the time this incident occurred. I don’t know about you, but that sounds kinda fishy to me. Sounds like mommy knew good and damn well what the hell her sister was up to.

Yeah, I think she may have been in on the shoplifting hence her convenient bathroom move or excuse. At any rate, this is some bullshit, and as of right now, I don’t know if the loving aunt has been apprehended by the police. If I were the mother of the child her ass would have been locked up within an hour of this happening. But hey, you know how that STOP SNITCHING thing works in the hood. If I were a judge, upon conviction I’d make her ass wear a sign like the one in the pic above, and include the mention of her being the baby thrower. Shit, I’d probably have her picture on billboards all across the city.

QUESTION(S):If this were your sister what would you do? Do you think mommy was in on it? What the hell is up with people throwing babies around all of a sudden?