One Year Later And The Madness Keeps Growing

One year ago today, I started this blog. I call it The Intersection of Madness & Reality for one reason, and one reason only. I wanted this to be the place where I was able to release the madness that are my views via social commentary, in a real sorta way. That plus I wanted this place to be the watercooler around which most of you tell lies about yourselves and other people. Not only that I wanted this place to be like the transit station where you folks can connect to other great reads here on the net. Yes, I fancy myself as the Black Forrest Gump who speaks for all the dead men named Bubba who were born with big gums.

If you’ve been reading this page for a while, I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed my brand of edutainment even though you may have not left a comment saying so. Lets face it, comments are not important. It’s not like I’m a stripper working the pole who relies on your generosity of you digging in your pocket and slipping a comment between my man boobs every now and then. Nope, I am not as unfortunate. However, I hope you folks continue to support this page, and tell your friends about me. Yes, have them and even your grandparents subscribe, or put this page in their favorites. As you can tell, this is a family friendly blog.

My vision for the future is to have this place filled to the capacity with much chatter, filthy language, groping, bar fights mixed in all for the purpose that is you. That’s right, I do this all for you the reader. Speaking of you, the reader, I’d like to know, what do you think of my blogging? Seriously, I’d like to hear your honest opinion so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. By doing so, you can help me provide you folks with a better, and more enjoyable blog reading experience. Like I said earlier, I’m here for you.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes, that is a picture of me and my parents at my first birthday party. Sorry I didn’t save any of that cake to offer you folks, but instead I bring you my love and gratitude for your continued support. Fittingly, instead of all this happy happy joy joy associated with me celebrating my Blogoversary, I’d like to take a moment to continue the good fight against racism, and the horrible injustice Black men have to face in America.

Meet, James Marshall: