One Giant Leap For The Hispanic Kind

I often speak on racial issues, which are often of a negative nature. I figured it was time to touch on something positive. This story has to do with the fast rising Hispanic ethnic minority group. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but they’re the fastest growing ethnic group in this country. As a matter of fact, their growth is estimated to be responsible for the browning of America. It’s predicted that by the year 2042, the current non-minority ethnic group, will become the racial minority.

If any of you do not believe this to be true, one can only look to what I found out last week. I never knew this before, but what I saw, was definitely evidence of what I am speaking of. Were you aware that as recent as of last week that there was a Hispanic person in space? See, you didn’t’t even know that did you. Yup, it’s true. For quite some time Edward James Olmos has been in space. Ok, so yeah it was on the TV show Battlestar Galactica but please believe me that it says something.

Of course it does, this is a huge step for Hispanic Americans as was Kunta Kinte helping to pilot the Starship Enterprise some years ago. Ok, so Kunta was blind, and even with his disability he overcame obstacles and triumphed. Kunta never let something as trivial as eyesight prevent him from soaring. He may not have seen outer space, but dammit he was there. Just like Edward James Olmos was there, Kunta was there. This says a lot and sends a positive message to Hispanic kids. Because of this, Hispanic kids now know they too can grow up to go into space and fight weird looking alien beings from other planets across the border.

Ironically, there was a Black woman in space before Kunta who went by the name Lt. Uhuru on Star Trek back in the late 60’s. I guess it took a while for the brothers and Hispanics to catch up. Oh well, we’re there now. Proving once again that before Barack Obama, minorities have been doing big things. I guess this combined with the news of the first all female Black airline flight crew recently just proves that the sky is the limit for minorities; especially the ones who reside south of the border. Somehow somewhere, I’m sure even Lou Dobbs has to crack a smile. Now all we have to do is find Phillip Michael Thomas and get him back on track.

Watch out Buck Rogers…

We’re coming.