Oh So Obama Has “Failed” America? So It Wasn’t The GOP All This Time, Mitt Romney?

So I heard Mitt Romney finally threw his hat into the race; and not only that, heard the muthafucka was talking greasy about my man Barack yesterday. This rat bastard had the nerve to say some shit like Obama has totally failed America, and has made things with the economy worse, or some stupid shit like that. Well gee Wally, for starters, all he did was pass that terrible and ultimate economy crushing health care reform just like the one your loser-ass signed into law in Massachusetts, ya prick. Of course I agree that Obama could have done a better job on the economy; shit, I’ve run my mouth enough ’bout that on this site. But, err, umm… what has the GOP done, Mitt?

OK, don’t answer that question, Mitt; last thing I want is for your punkass to end up flip flopping like your fellow republican hopeful, Newt Gingrich. And lord knows as much shambles as the GOP is in right now, you fuckers don’t need any more “distractions” right about now. Hell, that broad riding the short-bus touring the country is enough of an embarrassing for you guys as is. But talking out the side of your neck about Obama and his handling of the economy is pretty good strategy, and I understand. I mean what else can be said about Obama? What, that he’s a Kenyan Marxist Socialist who hates white people? Oh yeah, that ain’t working; that bullet has long left the gun.

So yeah, because Americans who vote republican are for the most part silly, you tell them that Obama is destroying the economy, and making it a lot worse than before. Of course you don’t tell them that the Bush Tax Cuts and the wars we’re involved with are projected to account for half the public debt by 2019. No you don’t tell them that. You tell them that Obama hasn’t created any jobs or isn’t doing anything about unemployment. Which is kinda true, Mitt; and he sure can do better or be more robust in this regard. But again I ask, Mitt: what exactly has the GOP done about the problem, and where are the jobs, Mitt?

Better yet, what the fuck are you gonna do about it, Mitt? Umm, yeah, miss me with the Obama has failed America, talk. Last time I checked, you failed against John McCain to get a shit at fixing this bitch. Besides, hasn’t Barack made you, the wealthiest 2%, and your Wall Street cronies happy enough?

I don’t know if Barack still reads my blog posts, but if he does, I’d like to offer a suggestion to the brotha. I know you’re not the gully type or willing to chin check these fools like a real brotha would as you said yesterday. And of course you definitely can’t run your campaign in 2012 on some 2008 old shit blaming Bush for the mess we’re in. So here’s what you do, brotha: next time you’re out on the road raising money to hit that $1 billion goal for reelection. Be sure to end all speeches with the following song. The people will love you for this, B!

Everybody, sing it with me…