Now we playing Jeopardy with the police! Answer quickly or go to jail!

By guest blogger Folk

A Lake County mother was arrested at a children’s splash park after her white shirt got wet. Now, she’s suing the city of Tavares over her arrest. She told WFTV police took an embarrassing situation and turned it into discrimination.

A hot day in April at the Tavares splash park turned into Janet Lovett’s own personal nightmare. She took her 7-year-old son to cool off, but before the day was done she found herself behind bars, facing an arrest record for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence.Now you might ask yourself how the hell can we go from having fun at a fvcking splash park where people get fvcking wet to going to fvcking jail? Well, let’s continue.
A park employee asked Lovett to leave, because the white t-shirt she was wearing had become wet and her padded bra was showing. She says she left, but outside the park gate a police officer approached her and asked her for ID and her name.

“Very scared,” she said. “I’ve never been arrested before.”
The police report indicates Lovett didn’t give her name fast enough. The mom says she was scared and wanted to know why she was getting arrested.
Her padded bra was showing?!?!? She was asked to leave from a fvcking splash park because her padded bra was showing?!?!? Really!?!?! …and then the Police immediately ask her what is her name and ID when she is trying to go to her car to cover up because it’s considered indecent that her padded bra was showing at a splash park and the po-po arrest her because she didn’t answer fast enough? Really?!?! What they aren’t saying is that the defendant, Lovett, is not Caucasian. She is a Peruvian native (Hispanic / Latino to “Americans”)! So…
Lovett is a U.S. citizen. The charges against her have since been dropped, but she still spent five hours in jail and paid a $1,500 fine.

The city of Tavares said it does not comment on pending litigation. The police chief told WFTV his officers operated within policy that day.So let Folk get this straight, if you don’t answer a police officer “fast enough” then you can be arrested?

 WTF is this, jeapordy!?!

But Alex, can we define quickly please? At least on fvcking jeopardy you know how much time you have to answer. What is “fast enough?” Is that 5 seconds? 10 seconds? Does it matter if the police officer asking the question just drank a Red Bull and recently rammed their baton up their rectum? Is there a time penalty if Folk scratches Folk’s azz first because Folk likes to scratch Folk’s brain before answering complex questions? What if the question isn’t answered in the form of a question? Is that a penalty? Can a fvcker call a friend or poll the growing audience? Shyt this is too fvcking hard!!!

Folk don’t know about y’all be when Folk goes to a place where Folk is going to get fvcking wet, chances are that Folk’s ID may not be on Folk’s person or within a hidden pocket that will cause Folk to show Folk’s boyz and business down below which will definitely cause a public disturbance!

Folk wonders if she answered “fast enough” and then produced ID from her padded bra and “accidently” popped out a breast or two would she still have ended up in jail? Come on people! Folks are getting jailed just because they aren’t responding “fast enough” and because they “could” be not an American citizen? For real? Shyt the lil lady better get her green card stitched on her azz so that if anyone ask for her identification she can instantly drop her pants and have them read it from the crack thereof!

…and Folk’s Caucasian cousins wonder what the outcry is about tampering with the 14th amendment or the fvcked up fvckness of the Arizona Immigration Law.

[source: WFTV]