North Korea to the United States of America: ‘Bitch Betta Have My Money!”

So while certain politicians are pontificating and apologizing for comments made in regards to Obama’s recent alleged BP “shakedown”. I wanted to take a quick second to send a shoutout to my man Kim Jong-Il for the recent gangsta-ass move of demanding $65 Trillion in “reparations” from the US of A.

OK, sure he’s not gonna get a dime from America for what he sees as “atrocities” some 60yrs after the start of the Koran war. But I gotta respect his gangsta due to the fact that in the eyes of the United States, at least to me, this is a ginormous fuck you pay me type move.

My man Lil Kim was like, “Awight, so you wanna me to get betta haircut and stop making newkiller weapon? Wrell, I’m sowry, but diss’a will cost you sixty fwive twillion dowars,” and proceeded with the Dr. Evil laugh which stunned the world. I’m sorry, but you gotta respect a guy who loves those Austin Powers movies, whose pimp hand is the source of envy from none other than Max Julien.

Move over Biggie Smalls, you my man and all, but Kim Jong is da Illest. Here’s to hoping black people in America pays attention to this move and decide to employ similar tactics when seeking reparations for slavery. Yep, you either pay us or we’re gonna continue draining your coffers via welfare as we sick Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright on you. Yeah, we got Yellowcake in the hood, son!

Bitch betta have my money!