Amber Cole: Why Hyper-Sexual Teenagers Arent A New Phenomenon

I almost feel bad for having to add to the steaming pile of pungent articles that already surround this weeks internet sensation regarding a 14 year old girl who was filmed while giving head to a young man.

Too bad, the young man wasn’t smart enough to keep their little interlude as a private matter in the Real World (not online) and so he decided to upload the video to Youtube where it, of course, went viral.

After countless comments, Twitter flaming, power blogging and an advocates intervention, the two boys involved in the melee were arrested over the weekend for their part in recording and distributing what is considered child pornography. 

*Shout out to all of you losers who actually watched, commented and/or passed along a video of a kid slurping some pissy kid’s dick. How does to feel to wonder if/when the FBI will be kicking in your door? *

Although I am not in defense of the boys actions, I wonder if any of these kids ever heard of the teens arrested in cases involving cell phones and nude picture forwarding. In PA during 2009 two teenage girls were arrested for distributing child porn when they chose to release nude pictures of themselves.

Just this year two Florida teens were arrested for forwarding a picture of an exposed breast. The young man was arrested for possessing the breast picture and the girl was arrested for taking the picture of her undeveloped teet and sending it to the young man.

In general, teenagers sneaking around to have sex is NOTHING new so I wish everyone would stop pretending it is. Yes, ‘back in the day’ girls and boys were less willing to risk public humiliation and ridicule so you had to search out someone who would be down for a little ‘risky frisky’.

Hi, Rihanna….

Those were usually the girls called ‘easy’ (I, myself, prefer ‘friendly’) and the many guys who loved them. In high school less frequented bathrooms were locked or monitored by security (3rd fl, Henry Snyder High School, the female security was on duty but was always in the stall taking a nap).

Stairwells that led to dark private places that teenagers could disappear too were chained off (and so the boys would break the locks with cutters taken from shop class).

Rooftop doors were bolted and set with alarms (that didn’t work or whose wires were disconnected). Everyone knew and no one cares, how do you think the kids get away with this? As an adult, you’re an ass if you think anything improved about teenage monitoring or if the behavior of young people changed since however many years it’s been since you had ‘teen’ on your age.

Yeah, the adults sure did try hard to keep us from doing what they knew we were doing. But who tipped them off?

How did they know many of the teenagers were fooling around? Are we really gonna act surprised now because we have pictures for proof?



Teenagers are sexually active the same places they have ALWAYS been sexually active which is in the stairwells at school, in the classrooms at school (according to pictures I found (without looking) on Tumblr), while the parents are asleep, while attending the party, after school at a friends house (in groups, daily!), before school after the parents leave for work, while the parents are on vacation (white parents leave teens home alone and KNOW they are screwing, apparently birth control and abortions are encouraged).

Teenagers find an opportunity to fool around while ‘staying with’ Grandma who is too old and feeble to keep up with them. Grandma’s house was also another favorite of mine. How do you think adults can monitor these teens who move covert with military like precision and the tactical capabilities of NASA?

What type of leash shall we use?

Absolutely none, because where the general public seemed to obsess over this teenage girl ‘giving a blow job to a boy’ they overlook the fact that this is one girl/couple in an act that is repeated daily and throughout the lives of many teen aged young people. This is what they do….and they’re not ashamed of it. Nor should they be.

Let’s be honest, the anger displayed on the internet at the actions of the young girl are only due to her skin color. Blacks are still wandering around in the land of shame and denial when it comes to sexuality and brown skin. The (presumed) female posters charge the girl with getting her just punishment for being ‘a whore and doing that in public’ and the (presumably) male posters condemned the girl for being a ‘whore who knew what she was doing’.

Am I to presume dick sucking is okay as long as it’s behind closed doors? And am I to presume that the males would have been less mean in the online comments if the 14 year old didn’t know what she was doing? There is a lot of misdirected attention behind this situation.

Her actions are the least of what concerns me, the population at large, on the other hand, is what is making me want to vomit.

Yes, the young woman in question should make better choices in her male companions but what about the male’s behavior? Our culture still refuses to treat Black sex (on a whole) as something normal and healthy while also producing, encouraging, celebrating and happily consuming hyper sexual displays of exploitative Black male sexuality.

Let the young people have their risky behavior; let them make mistakes and learn from them. Surely this group has, or has the notoriety of this girl made the prospects of celebrity even more tempting. What girl will top this…or seek to?

Adults, on the other hand, may want to consider spending their time reflecting on what that type of lack they have going on that makes a video of teenagers having oral sex so dam interesting to them?

The unfortunate thing is that the immature behavior of a guy spilling the beans about what you two did isn’t even justified by a young age; I know plenty of grown ass men who are more than happy to ‘run tell dat’ once a woman is kind enough to give them some lovin’.

It’s not like having a Youtube video go viral but the attempt at slut shamming is apparent and plenty of men and women participate in this behavior through gossip, dirty looks and side comments.

It even happened to little old me.

Too bad for him I wasn’t ashamed; and when his boys came at me that Monday morning (Dam! News travels fast) to taunt and humiliate me on the bus ride to work I had no where to run. And since I could run, I fought back by saying I found it amusing that a grown man would brag that he visited a woman and had sex with her. Was it such an infrequent event that for this guy that he got so excited he had to tell everyone? (Not in the least, since he was a “Playboy” and had done this to other women who these guys successfully shamed into quitting their jobs.)

Strange how he didn’t inform his boys that his manhood wasn’t proportionate to his 6’5 and 300 pound frame AND he was ‘done’ about 10 seconds into my kind deed!

After me and the fellas had our little discussion, they never mentioned it to me again, I never hung my head at my actions and suddenly the Playboy resigned from his job and was never to be heard from again.

Still shocked at the behavior of kids? Get over it. The ONLY thing you can do is to make sure young people are informed about the consequences before they click themselves into jail time or worse, a trending topic on Twitter! Now go find your teenagers and make sure they’re not filming a video.