My Apologies To White America: I Now Hereby Denounce My Blackness

I’m going to turn 39yrs old this summer. In reflecting upon my upbringing and my acquisition of knowledge or what I have come to know, and learn, I must say, I owe White people a lot. Seriously, if it wasn’t for White people I wouldn’t know as much as I do now about, well, everything I know.

What, you thanking the White man now RiPPa? That ain’t no Black Power move! Hell you sounding like an Uncle Tom boot licking Negro dawg! You’s a damn sellout now RiPPa?!!

Yeah I know, that’s probably how I sound, but hey, it’s with good reason so bear with me. You see, I realized that much gratitude is owed to White people when I was embattled in another heated debate with an older White woman last night.

You see, this woman taught me last night that the clenched fist that we Black people embrace as a symbol of empowerment, solidarity etc., was really and truly a symbol of hate. Uh huh, all this time here I thought the Black Power fist as we Black people have affectionately come to embrace, was a symbol of hate? Who knew?

I also learned from this woman that the Black Panther Party of the 60’s were a group of communist radicals, who were trouble makers, and went around beating up White people and shooting cops. As a matter of fact, this woman was right when she suggested that us Black people adopt a newer image other than the Black Fist to represent us, because it was too offensive.

Yup, this is what I learned, and I am thankful that the Lord brought this woman in my path to impart such knowledge upon me. Because you see, if it wasn’t for her, I would continue down the road of life, with the understanding that the Black fist, The Black Panthers, Black Power, the Civil Rights Movement, and all that other Black stuff was a source of pride for me, and the rest of the Black community.

If it wasn’t for her, I would have to continue living the lie that was the Black Power Movement, and all other movements in Black history. You know, free lunch, protecting citizens within the urban landscape from racist policemen and drug dealers alike? Yeah, that was a lie, and the Black Panthers did no such thing. They were in fact trouble makers, and deserved to be deemed public enemy number one, and brought down through COINTELPRO.

Yeah, all of that was a lie, and thanks to this woman, I am now shameful to have been associated with such negative images under the guise of revolutionary change, economic and Black political empowerment. For that, I am so sorry White people. What can I say, I was misguided all these years. Uh huh, and it’s because of trouble makers like Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale and others that I am the racist pig that I am.

You see, I was educated by this woman last night – a White woman – that I need to step into the 21st century because all of those so-called movements of the 60’s geared towards justice, civil rights, self-defense, and all that Black Is Beautiful stuff was all hate filled. That’s right, none of that meant anything, or was well intended for the advancement or installment of Black pride.

In fact, up until last night, I used to think that there was a system of racism that permeates our society historically with the intent on holding back people of color. Thanks to this 57yr old White woman wise beyond her years, I now know that it is us Black people who are responsible for our condition. Yup and just in case there was ever another Civil War in America, I’m going to fight alongside my White brothers and sisters in the south. Uh huh, everybody knows that if the southern confederates won the war back in the day, currently things would be better for us as a people.

So now today, as an act of contrition, I would like to apologize to all White people and say that I am so sorry for my mis-education. I sincerely apologize for living the lie, and carrying the torch of hate. Matter of fact, I’ll even go as far as to denounce my Blackness. Yes, from here on out, until I die, I’m not going to be Black anymore. From here on out, I am going to be White. It is my hope that you can accept me into the fold that is America as such.