Mitt Romney on State of the Union Speech:Obama is “Detached From Reality.”

So I see that my right-wing friends are running around today like hit dogs. Oh that’s right, president Obama hurt their po’ lil’ feelings in last night’s State of the Union speech to the joint session of Congress. It Kinda makes sense that they’d be talking all this shit today. Of course you know they say the truth offends like a fart in a swimming pool. So what did we learn last night? Oh, that’s right; the economy is getting better. Well shit! Twenty two straight months of positive job growth? No, that can’t be! Not with all the talk I’m hearing today. Hell, even Mitt Romney weighed in with some bullshit today. This fool had the nerve to tell voters at a campaign stop down in Orlando, that president Obama is clearly “detached from reality.” Now ain’t this a bitch?

“The detachment between reality and what he says is so extraordinary, I was just shaking my head as I watched the TV last night,”

And this fool had the gall to continue by saying that president Obama is, “imperiling the future of America.” Now I watched the speech last night, and, well, err, let’s just say that in no way am I feeling “imperiled,” about America’s future right now. I’m not sure if much of what the president proposed will become reality this year, or even if he gains a second term. But, be that as it may, I feel somewhat encouraged. Yep, I’m especially encouraged when I hear the Monday morning quarterbacking from GOP pundits, politicians, and prognosticators. I am, because what they’re saying suggests to me that they are the ones fearful of losing. I mean why wouldn’t you be when you tell everyone that the guy in charge is messing things up while the economy improves. Mind you, the GOP has done nothing by way of passing any form of legislation that we can credit them for improving the economy. Yeah, if I were them, I’d be a little afraid; and no, not just a little bit either.

Yes I Made More Money Than Obama, And Yes I paid Less Taxes Than Him

Clearly Mitt is having problems connecting with all those people corporations who will be deciding on just who the eventual GOP presidential nominee will be. This explains why he — like his competition — will say anything to appeal to voters by making president Obama out to be the worst thing that’s happened to America since 9/11. He’ll continue to say these things, release photos of himself doing his own laundry, or maybe even photos of him hand washing the draws of a homeless person at a shelter to show that he really cares about struggling Americans in the middle class he’s just a regular guy. But the next time anyone tells you that president Obama has done nothing to get the economy going. Ask them if flying over a hurricane ravaged city while Americans are on rooftops begging for help qualifies as doing something. And if they get real slick like they often do when they challenge me by bringing up Black unemployment. Tell them that there are Black people still on rooftops in New Orleans waiting to be rescued by George W. Bush, especially since the Republican lead Congress hasn’t done a damn thing to help anybody unemployed in this country.

One job president Obama needs to create, is that of an official angry translator like this…