Michigan Man Wins $2M In Lottery Still Gets Food Stamps & Disability Payments

So, apparently white folks are in love with social services and, well, it’s not one of those “black folks” things as we are lead to believe. OK, so yeah, I know there are more white people on welfare, food stamps, and all types of government assistance than black folks. But somehow the face of being a lazy recipient happens to be a person of color. Frankly, this is why the following story literally cracked me up when I read it, after reeiving it in email last week.

Yep, a white guy wins the lottery in Michigan, and has been collecting food stamps and disability for almost a year. Sounds crazy I know, but what he did is perfectly legal. But don’t tell that to the other white folks who snitched on him. Yep, white folks ain’t down with the stop snitching movement:

Now what’s really funny about all of this, is that dude is fighting tobe able to keep his food stamps and, um, his disability because, well, the lottery money is about to run out(?). Well damn, that was fast Leroy. What else did you but other than that convertable Audi with your lottery winnings?

Please don’t tell me you did a lot of trickin’ with the ladies of Auburn Michigan. Just sayin’, that’s messed up, son. Less than a year after winning $2 million you’re damn near broke and in need of gov’t assistance?!!

Good luck with that Leroy. I’m not sure if going on Fox News will help you. Somehow some way, if this was Leroy Johnson instead of Leroy Fick, I believe he would be treated differently and much like a criminal. But that’s just me reaching with the racial angle once again. Truth is, we’re all equal.