Michelle Obama Invites “Gangster Rapper” To The White House, & Guess Who’s Mad

“Now Black music is Black music, and it’s allgood, I wasn’t salty she was with the boys in the hood.” — Common; “I Used To Love H.E.R.”

Oh Lordy or Lordy, look what Michelle Obama dun did now up the the white people’s White House. She dun seriously up and dun it inviting one a dem dar Chicago gansta’ rappers she used to live next to to the White House. Word has it that she’s having a poetry reading session on Wednesday, but I ain’t buying it.

 It’s bad enuff that them Obama Kenyans dun defiled the sanctity of the one true symbol of whiteness and err’thing right with Amuur’cuh by even living there. And now, they finna have this Negro and his posse bussin’ spades, making it rain on hoes, and whatever else them there drug dealing Negroes do.

Of course them dar white folks over at The Daily Caller is madder den a mugg over tghis and had something to say about it. And lemme tell you, at last count, there was 274 comments mostly in disgust after the following post. Let’s just say, judging from the comments, Flava Flav better tear up his invitation:
First Lady Michelle Obama has scheduled a poetry evening for Wednesday, and she’s invited several poets, including a successful Chicago poet and rapper, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common.” However, Lynn is quite controversial, in part because his poetry includes threats to shoot police and at least one passage calling for the “burn[ing]” of then-President George W. Bush.

Back in 2003, First Lady Laura Bush held a poetry evening, and she invited several poets to reprise the work of Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman. Although none of those poets had urged violence against a president, Bush canceled the event after left-of-center poets protested and threatened to disrupt the event. (read more)Oh well, lemme g’head and enjoy Common while I can; at least the pre-gangsta rapper Common; you know, back when he was less gangsta?
Sarah Palin jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting the Daily Caller story with a comment “Oh, lovely White House” — the virtual equivalent of rolling her eyes.

Pajamas Media, another conservative site, says Common supports Mumia Abu Jamal, convicted in the 1981 killing of a Philadelphia police officer, and was a member, along with the Obamas, of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where Rev. Jeremiah Wright served as pastor. The rapper defended Wright during the 2008 campaign as Obama distanced himself from the controversial minister. The video below shows Wright in the background as Common performs.

A Fox News site called the multiple Grammy-winner a “vile rapper.” Common, who has also acted in several films, including “American Gangster” and “Terminator Salvation,” also performed at a 2009 inaugural ball. (source)Yeah, ain’t no tellin’ how much more gangsta’ he’s gonna get once he leaves the White House as he becomes more untouchable and public enemy number one, while Obama’s still in office (watch this). Yep, big shouts out to the city of Chicago and all my peoples who live there; been a minute, but we’ll kick it soon.