Megan Williams comes clean: Her story of kidnapping, rape and torture was a lie (UPDATE)

I just read this story about Megan Williams’ stunning confession concerning her alleged kidnapping, assault and torture in West Virgina back in 2007. Remember that one? Yeah, many of us were all in a rage that prosecutors were not going to pursue hate crime indictments against the 7 white defendants who violated her. From what I’ve read and released press statements by her attorney, it was all a lie. According to her attorney, she did this all to get back at a boyfriend she was dating at the time who had beaten her up. It was also revealed that her mother who is now deceased, pushed her to fabricate the story for financial gain as well.

Something tells me that there is more to come in this story. And the irony of this is that my mother just as recent as yesterday asked me what ever became of this case. I tell you what; I believed her story then, but I did with great skepticism. Back then I questioned the fact that this lone Black woman went to party with a bunch of rednecks in the backwoods of West Virginia. She was no stranger to these people and I always figured drugs were involved. No shit, I always thought she was involved with a bunch of druggies at a party that may have gotten out of hand.

The fact that the defendants plead guilty in the face of her allegations means nothing to me. It doesn’t because, well, poor people often succumb to unfair treatment as far as the judicial system is concerned… with the exception of the Duke Lacrosse case of course. And please believe, even white people are not exempt from poverty and said unfair treatment. I’m still waiting for more developments to unfold with this one. It looks like Rev. Al Sharpton was had once again by another Black woman with a story. In this case it looks like the only hate crime was the one Megan Williams committed in an attempt to get back at her then boyfriend. I guess if white chicks can do it, who is she to be any different, right?