So what Joe Jackson looks like Blacula. Maybe life would be better had he beat all of our asses.

Whenever I see Joe Jackson, especially in the last few weeks, I think of the movie Blacula. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but Joe Jackson gives off this creepy blood sucking vibe whenever I see him. Maybe it’s because of all the stories of how he abused his kids. Yeah, maybe that’s why he seems evil to me, aside from looking like Blacula. But looking at it now since Michael Jackson’s death, I can’t help but to ask: did Joe Jackson abuse his kids?

I mean the media has us all now believing that this guy pretty much ruined his kids by beating their ass. Let’s be honest, there’s a big difference between abusing your kids and beating their ass. But somehow this man has been made out to be a villain. A villain which was created by his very famous son and what he disclosed to the media probably to gain sympathy.

Back in the day my mother did what teachers couldn’t; she beat some sense into my ass enough so for me to get good grades. Trust me, while pissed at the time, those beatings paid off. I kinda feel the same way about the Jackson family. If Joe Jackson didn’t beat his kids asses like he did, and as much as he enforced discipline or as strict as he was, would we even know those Negroes from Gary Indiana? Would we have had the outpouring of love for Michael Jackson and the rest of his family in his death as we have? I doubt it.

Joe Jackson and his wife had nine kids. You cannot be on the lower end of the totem pole economically, have nine kids and not whoop some ass. Joe Jackson beat that ass and they’re all better off right now because of it. There are plenty of derelict delinquent people right now who could have used some Joe Jackson in their lives. Yes, we see them every day, and we encounter them on our daily travel along the road of life. I don’t know about you, but I know I have met some fools who could have stood to have had their ass whooped a lot more than they ever had as a child.

The world is full of f*cked up people; some of them as adults are in need of an ass whoopin. Hell if Joe Jackson didn’t beat his kids Tito would probably be as old as he is and selling dope in some crackhouse in Gary. Shit, LaToya may have turned out to be a hoe or freak. Wait a minute; she did turn out to be just that anyway; yeah, maybe he didn’t beat her ass enough. Janet may have had six kids by now, and on welfare; thus far she’s done well for herself by not being a mother and in her 40’s. Lord knows what the rest of them would be doing right now without Joe in their lives.

In the end, I’ll say that Joe did the right thing. He beat his kids just like parents of old did. And because of the Joe Jackson beatdown, they all came to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I’ll also say that Donnie & Marie Osmond’s parents probably beat their asses back in the day as well. The difference is that we don’t hear about it. I sincerely doubt time out worked for them; yeah, and there were like fifty of them living under the same roof.

The Jackson’s however whenever the subject is them in the media will always be remembered as the kids that Joe abused. You know what? Child abuse is child abuse; however, whooping your kids ass is just that and not child abuse. I don’t know how you feel about beating your kids. Shit, say what you want about Joe, at least his kids didn’t do something like this:

Somebody needs to give Joe Jackson a call.
Yeah, tell him America needs his services by way of ass whoopins.Tell him he can start by giving the parents of these kids…
and the adults in attendance a serious well calculated beatdown.Tell him we’ll pay him for it… After all, Michael didn’t actually leave him a dime in the Will.How’s that for thanks?