Lynching Costume a Winner This Halloween!

`by JuJuBe (Joanna)

The picture above is of Michael Donald, a 19 year old man who was lynched in 1981 by the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama. I apologize to those who find the picture offensive, but I post it to show how horrific and REAL lynchings are. Yes, it is disgusting and sickening to look at for most people. But, for some, apparently, they see inspiration for a “winning” Halloween look.

So, apparently, a couple of guys at the Canadian Legion Halloween party in Campbellford, Ontario, thought they had a GREAT IDEA for a costume! One man dressed in a KKK robe and hood, and led another man, wearing black face, around by a rope tied in a noose around his neck. And, instead of the people attending the event rising up and protesting this atrocity, they AWARDED THE PAIR THE PRIZE FOR BEST COSTUME!

The Canadian Legion president offered an apology afterward, and reported that hundreds of calls were received complaining about the offensive duo. But, WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE during the party?? Mark Andrade, a local business owner, who left in disgust after he saw the pair, had this to say:
“To say people weren’t disgusted would be incorrect. But at that time there was about 200 people were there revelling, partying, drinking.”(SOURCE)What I would like to know is WHY, if people WERE “disgusted” they did not LEAVE THE PARTY en masse?? Why was there not a huge uproar when these disgusting costumes WON THE CONTEST? Why are people too chicken to stand up against this kind of bigotry WHILE IT IS HAPPENING? Why didn’t some of the 400 individuals who called to protest raise their voices WHILE THE EVENT WAS HAPPENING???

By not making a fuss about this ugly event WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING, the people at the party have PROVED THEMSELVES to be not only COWARDS, but also RACISTS. I am sorry, but cringing on the inside without saying anything out loud is giving tacit approval to the hatred that was on display. You do not get accolades for keeping quiet when it matters, and making a damn phone call the next day.

I wish people would STAND UP to this sort of thing AT THE MOMENT THAT THEY SEE IT. Maybe, just maybe, the bigots would back down when they see that the people around them are not going to support their activities. But, no, instead, these racist pigs were given ACCOLADES. They WON THE COSTUME CONTEST, for God’s sake! What does that say about the state of this world??