Look, there are just some things fat people weren’t meant to do

Well, in keeping with the “We hate fat people” meme that has assaulted us in the blogosphere thanks to Howard Stern, and Jaime Foxx calling Gabourey Sidibe Notorious P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S. a la Biggie Smalls. Allow me to go ahead and agree that being obese poses serious health risks.

Many people have offered up this fact in commentary on posts about Gabourey Sidibe and criticisms of her weight problem and her future in Hollywood. There’s no secret that being overweight limits ones ability to do certain things, but um, acting isn’t one of ’em. That said, miss me with that “she needs to lose weight because she’s unhealthy,” crap.

When did being overweight stop any of the many overweight Caucasian actors and actresses out there? I mean if she drops dead tomorrow from a heart attack, what impact will it have personally on your life, other than to motivate you to get off your ass and hit the gym. It’s her life, and her choice to be an actress, and I’m pretty sure she knew first hand what she would be up against by being outside of  societal norms.

Now, here’s a story for you to checkout about a gentleman who was fired for being morbidly obese. Yeah, check this out and tell me if upon seeing it, that your concern was for his health as opposed to him being able to physically perform as required with his choice of employment:

And to think all this time I thought Chris Farley was dead. Oh well, don’t you feel safer now? I would say that there’s always work at the post office but in this economy that’s a thing of the past; but hey, there’s always acting, right?.At least by doing that he can pretend to be a cop without having his weight becoming an issue.