The Lies of the Anti-Immigrant Movement & the Silly Negroes who Believe Them

I was invited to do a radio show last night by my man Rock from the blog African American Political Pundit to discuss the issue of immigration reform. It was an appearance I had been looking forward to for several weeks. Hey, anytime I can get the opportunity to speak on one of my favorite issues I get excited. The show started well, but sadly it ended badly. To be perfectly honest, I became frustrated by the level of ignorance that came from a few of the “regular” listeners of his show, that I pretty much walked off the set before the program ended. I probably shouldn’t have lost my cool like I did, but as you know, I don’t do too well with slave catchers who are willing to support the repeal of the 14th amendment to fight immigration reform.

I can understand bigotry and xenophobia when it comes from white folks on the issue of immigration as I’ve often discussed on this site. But I gotta tell you, when I hear the same talk from people with whom I share the same color, it is truly depressing. But maybe I give black people (who I think should know better) too much credit for knowing and understanding just how racism has historically played itself out in the tapestry that is American culture. But I get the feeling that some of us would love nothing better than to enjoy relegating another group of people to that of “new nigger” status in America.

Oh how the internalized oppression of my people is astounding as they seek to preserve what they feel to be their limited space in the bucket full of crabs that is black America. If only they would realize that all minorities suffer at the hands of the systematically racist machine that America has and continues to be today. If only they knew that our strength is in numbers and by forming alliances so as to affect change for us all. But as I’ve said before on this site: being a nigger ain’t bad; it’s the crabs you have to worry about.

For it is only a crab-ass nigger who would sit idly by and say:

“I ain’t worried about them repealing the 14th amendment to fight them illegals… shit, Obama ain’t did nuthin for black people so why should I care about them criminals who are taking all the jobs from black folks! Hell, they the ones committing all the crime in the country ‘n shit RiPPa!!! Besides, they turning America into a 3rd world country bringing in all those diseases”

Of course I can’t remember the last time I saw a group of Negroes camped out looking for work at a Home Depot… which is beside the point, but I digress…

Shit, for a minute I forgot that they were black and felt that I was either the lone black dude soon to be kicked off of a reality show, or, a black guy sitting in on Rush Limbaugh’s program defending Barack Obama. But I continue to talk or write about this issue mainly because of the misinformation, and disinformation that often shapes or dominates the debate. Often the general public are roped into ill-formed opinions based on lies employed to advance political agendas. But thankfully, there are individuals who are willing to dedicate their lives to truth telling, rather than buying into the bullshit that they’re fed, unlike some so-called progressive black folks.