La La La Hey Hey Hey . . . Goodbye Byrd

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

I cry not tears of sadness, but tears of joy on hearing Senator/Hitler Robert Byrd’s old, racist ass has finally slipped on the banana peel and is kissing the cold slab of a morgue. Back to the ether you go Gringo el Diablo.

Byrd not only should be the poster-board of a hate-history grandfather clause for political office, but there should be an age cap. You can’t have walked in the time of George Washington and Chicken George and still be in office.
And why is it that sons-of-a-bitches like he and Strom Thurmond live to be old as Moses?
And who keeps reinstating this dude? He’s been skeeting dust bunnies in his fabricated wet dreams since the the King speech on Washington. How could he be an effective legislature? He wasn’t.
I know the physical vigor that it takes to be a political official and a 90-something man who shakes and farts between quoting the Constitution doesn’t have the energy. Sorry, viagra and uppers can only do so much.
Hmmm, so let’s look at the resume of Byrd
KKK member
Anti-voting Rights Act political official
Representative of Incest and Coal mine exploitation in West Virginia

Okay stop, that’s enough. Good riddance. He is now with that negro Riley of the Boondocks who salivates when he thinks he is touching the hem of God in the form of Ronald Reagan but he is really taking tequila shots up the ass.

Heartless you might say. Oh no, I hope Byrd’s soul finds light, but in the words of my Jewish compadres, “Never Again”.

Unlike much of mainstream American news, I will not forgot the sordid past of Byrd and the folks he undermined and probably killed due to his racist actions.