Kim Nude! [again]

Kim Kardashian isn’t just posing without clothes in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on stands April 27. She’s posing without the safety net of Photoshop.

She and Joy Bryant both stripped down for an all-natural photo shoot by Amanda de Cadenet with the promise of no retouching. Yikes!

The E! star, for one, welcomed the experience.

“I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are,” she tells the magazine. “I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, ‘I’m curvy and I’m proud of it now.’ “

But she also insists that her infamous booty is literally no big thing.
[source: Eonline]
What more y’all fvckers want me to say? Shyt! She nude, laying on the fvcking floor! No clothes. She’s legal and of age… Don’t judge me.

So what if she’s been bukkid azz nakkid before in Playboy! Everybody knows Playboy airbrushes the hell out of their photos, so that really wasn’t her. And yeah, there was that video she did with ol’dude few years ago… That was so fvcking yesterday.

The lil lady ain’t got to worry about Folk jumping off the ship for ol’ Kim but Kim got nice legs / thighs / butt and a cute face. Two of the most important features for Folk. Plus she got a nice skin tone. The lil lady knows that Kim wouldn’t last longer than a few minutes up in Folk’s house before Folk like “WTF! Get out.” Folk need a woman that got some substanance between those ears as well as those legs. Stimulate my fvcking mind, sooth my stomach with culinary skillz, and scare the hell out of me in the bed!

But ain’t a thang wrong with window shopping. Is there? How y’all feel about Kim? Anyone got a problem with 2nds? What stimulates y’all? Does the mind matter? Or is it just all about the physical for ya? Or do you just not give a d@mned?